The Future of Artificial Intelligence – Stuart Russell – Strata + Hadoop World London 2016

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Stuart Russell argues for a fundamental reorientation of the field artificial intelligence. Click here to watch the full keynote

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Yew Ow says:

A robot that will mow down pedestrians that get in the way of bringing me a coffee, or assassinate anyone that tries to block it from getting me my coffee?
A robot that will fetch my coffee at all costs?! I cannot condone actions that are so over-the-top. please take my money.

Flip Tube says:

AL should have process of passing information down from on machine to another where one robots' learning is enhanced through the experience

Flip Tube says:

I want to PICK one language – I have heard that the world is moving towards isomorphic programming and JAVASCRIPT due to its ubiquitous nature can act both in the client and the server side ( aka NODE.Js). Considering this isn't it better to learn JS ( eg MEAN stack) and become a master of all with one language instead of learning SWIFT, RUBY, PYTHON, JAVA and JAVASCRIPT ?

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