The Future of Artificial Intelligence – Prof. Stuart Russell

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Stuart Russell is a computer scientist known for his contributions to artificial intelligence.
Link to the following panel discussion:

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine organized a half-day colloquium on artificial intelligence and its implications for U.S. interests on August 7, 2017.


1WaySafe says:

Driven by …
(a.) Quantum Greed
(b) Quantum inconsideration
(c)A particularly agile Tangerine
(d) all of the above

Anon says:

He was "tossing off" at the world economic forum?

Chris Rimbey says:

Okay, What did I just learn? Nothing! This is old news.

CandidDate says:

"All we are saying…is give PEACE a chance!" — Imagine if it wasn't "America first," but "Peace first."

Deep Learning Partnership says:

The social intelligence of this guy is almost zero?

Atrhur Robey says:

Tell Tyler and Sophia to get us out to the leGrange points.

Lightning Rod says:

Extremely interesting, I wonder what will happen when AI's interact in this fashion, imagine One AI presenting its facts and finding's to a group of AI's hehehe I always thought or believed that "technology" was traceable, buggable, recordable and Edward Snowden verified this.If you were a human observer at this One AI's presentation , I'm guessing it would be totally boring or worse yet bewilderingly incomprehensible. I listen to your presentation and i infer from it that academia is being pilfered for "the best" minds, leading me to believe that this is indeed a life or death race to the future. Earth's current estimated market cap is 100Trillion dollars, USA's estimated at about 17Trillion , Chinas at say 20 Trillion which leaves about 60 trillion somewhere maybe Uganda who knows, at some level you must strive for more than just money. I am glad that you mentioned Elon Musk (21st Century Hero/Leader) in this presentation, I do not believe he is building a CAR company, but an entire atmospheric methodology to occupy another planet. I hope to elon O mighty that it is successful. I dont know if its true but they say that 99% of that 100Trillion is in 1% of the hands of this ole earth. I believe that the books are very cooked and that the game is utterly rigged. I believe that we all occupy a space that is illusory, not reflective of the objective realities that are coming home to us. I am hoping that all of this turns out well and if it doesnt, … i will never know,…………………………………………..

442 Hz says:

Great talk! Thanks for sharing!

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