The Fourth Industrial Revolution | At a glance (Subtitled)

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John Miles says:

This is leftist crap. We are heading for a cliff that will only be sorted out after war.

Jorge Bourdette says:

This is good but it looks like there is something left out. Together with education in science, we must put a lot of effort in education in ethics and educate the people for sharing instead of owning. There is a profound need to foresee the human aspects in Industry 4.0 and start working with the new generations – much open to fight against the differences and to embrace those who are different – to avoid converting this opportunity in a dead utopia.

rakshith s naik says:

Agriculture can be a good sector that can provide job to the unskilled people. It has a huge potential. Then there will be no loss of job due to 4th Industrial revolution.

André Torkveen says:

The best focused introduction to the subject I ever saw! A bit hectic (the speed of the video/visual updates – and even the speech seemed to be turned up a notch), but I THANK YOU for leaving out the techno narrative in favor of controllable man-made changes. 🙂

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MubarakRishte Matrimonial Consultants says:

Good development but it should not effect a common man

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