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Transmission from the future...

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Todd B says:

@strike3022 We would be able to suspend the state in the unified field, transfer space-time in another location, and continue, so yes it would be you but many parts of your human mind such as compassion and in feeling the real world will be altered since your new nerves will not be simulated perfectly as in your old body.

Jay says:

Obviously we are now collectively acknowledging that we are a very flawed creature that many transhumanist don't even think of the one most critical evolutionary baggage that we hold… Selfishness, transhumanist dream of becoming smarter, stronger, faster, have 10 senses, yet they don't even think of the most critical thing that we shall rid of first before we do any other upgrade, and that is… selfishness, what is greed? a form of selfishness, what is arrogance? Same thing, selfishness.

benthemiester says:

They weren't bullshitting when they told people to stay away from the blue acid at Woodstock.

stimulater7 says:

called predictave programing … but not for good..? like all tech ..will be manipulated for selfish goals

Nahulanham says:

a) The ostensible purpose of life for humans is to test the hypothesis that diversity is an efficient model for the bio-machine. Unfortunately, because the model wasted energy through ineffiiciency it naturally transitioned into a mechanical model b) with a singular purpose, ergo, efficiency or adaptaptation to change with least energy loss. Nahu

DEadJACK4090 says:

good video but i really hope that "this" future does not come to pass the spirit is not a clinical thing and efficiency i dont think is the point to life and if our species dies thats fine (with me anyway) but i strongly dislike the idea of an unfeeling thing replaceing us. may i ask you a question? did you get any idea of what the androids purpose for life ?? thanks agn goood vid

GA LEXIA says:

Yes that is true. The powers that be get us prepared for the future with cinema. They want to control us like the cyborgs you are of speaking of by putting info out there on purpose. To make you except whether or not you really do.

AzathothianBrew says:

Very nicely arranged, Nahu. I just hope the majority of us can live through whatever is coming to the very best of our abilities without suffering too much. Hearing all of this makes me want to intensify my meditation practice to make further contact with the Light, then consciously relinquish my physical bodycby going into mahasamadhi. Unfortunately I'm not that advanced, yet…

Nahulanham says:

Bear in mind that this information came via a OObe to an ostensible future where humanity had transitioned into machine.

battlebauble says:

British geneticist, Bryan Sykes, in his recent book : Adam's Curse points out that the Y chromosone cannot repair itself and seems to think that men will die out within 5000 years. Your scenario is not so far fetched.

Isaac Ayala says:

At first it sounds scary, but if our consciousness is housed inside the cyborg we would still be us or who we are but with a different body. I think that sounds like a good idea.

Nahulanham says:

That's interesting because, though a fiction-based movie, is actually a foresight of what is coming in the future.

Nahulanham says:

Don't blame me. All this is information from the future, All I did was act as reciever/transmitter through which to share it with everyone else.

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