The End of Humanity?! AI Documentary 2018

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The rise of artificial intelligence is the greatest challenge humanity will ever face. Will we be destroyed by an army of super intelligent robots? This documentary explores the rise of technology and AI, including artificially intelligent drones and weapons.

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Jay Myers Documentaries says:

Thumbs up if you're stocking up on bananas for the coming robot apocalypse, only those who watch to the end know what I mean ;))

Bradley Thao says:

If your dead you could watch earth tv

Mike says:

I've got a better way to solve human hunger, water shortage and all of our problems, first we start with removing the banking families from the picture, then we create a non-slave system for humanity. We could make Joel Salatin the head of the food and agricultural departments, seeing as how he already has many ideas that would greatly help with feeding the planet and fixing out water shortage issues. We need to root out the corruption at the highest levels, for that is the force that is stopping the planet from improving.

Hardly Recognized says:

I bet the elite have a plan. Have robots take over all the jobs we are needed for, then wipe 2/3 of the population out.

Slippery Gypsy says:

It could design a physical bridge to other dimensions

Nita Petersen says:

You do such great work, in all your videos. Very professional!

Elvis Mengisto says:

Africans created white people, look at the results? Bad idea

BODBROCH Bremner says:

That is what they want you to know ands it’s what you don’t know that should scare you. Rumour has it they are at least 30 years ahead of what is released to the public. Mind blowing isn’t it.

OnLyLaGcAnSaVeU PS4 says:

That’d be crazy if pro gamers start getting recruited to operate human shaped robot soldiers. Like those acrobatic robots Disney has but they can do everything we can and move like a real person.

Paradigm Salon Video says:

Interesting possibilities, though there are others I can imagine. As for worshipping, the root of that word is to work for, and that is what human existence has always been about.

Jo Mama says:

You’re spiritless and soulless sattatinc diabolical entity made by people they will never have kids !
I hope you get my drift … you male and female mother nature’s creation till I die and beyond as more wavelength much more intelligent and kind from the programmed priesthood of Satan to divide and conquer our Devine mind

Jo Mama says:

This this the most accurate and absolute explanation of the term when you ask what is meant when use the term satan

Jo Mama says:

When comes to spirit and soul what is there you have to say billionaire scumbags Satan

Just Tim says:

Earth will become like mars when shit hits the fan

Provance Rules says:

Food for thought, magnets are bad for the computer component of a robot. Need to make a magnetic electron separator type weapon to fight against these things. You know war is ahead of us. A different kind of war unlike anything we've ever seen.

Feona Lee Jones says:

This is fing creepy

tonshmar says:

One word. “EXTINCTION” #NetFlix – IJS

Baldur Aviation says:

If computers get too powerful, we can organize them into a committee — that will do them in.

diddly Flanders says:

To be honest I would have rather grown up in the 60's not that it was without problems.

robert hughes says:

It doesn't take a super computer to solve world hunger and other problems that are mostly manufactured to begin with…

pliit says:

Take life easy people, I bet by 2030s world has changed forever. So fuck everyone and do what you want, nobody can stop this even your god and your prayers. There's no way stopping this, let that sink in. Gg noobn i faked ur mom

Duck Tale says:

As long as Numbers and Money is the same, progress is only primitive.

tuberose11 says:

You guys notice how many robot commercials there was last night during the Super Bowl?! It does seem like they are priming us to accept robots as one of us now replete with emotions.

Feriin says:

I can already solve world hunger, water shortages and diseases. The aging thing not so much though.

It's simple really. We already produce more than enough food for the world, Water can be desalinized, we can dig wells for water (there's oceans of fresh water almost everyplace we have ever dug a whole deep enough to find). As for diseases, well you keep everything clean and provide fresh water and that basically knocks out most diseases in and of itself. The only real diseases left after that are health related to diet specifically.

The only reason why this isn't happening is due to a few people sitting on obscene wealth, their unwillingness to use that wealth for the betterment of humanity. (looking at the Vatican for starters..)

Emir Ozcan says:

And the reason I hate science and everything related to it, because it simply wont stop, until what we created stops humanity.

AI may have been created with a good purpose, to stop starvation and illnesses.

But as with everything ‘You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain(or in this case the hunted)’

Emir Ozcan says:

We are creating our own demise, nothing more than that. It started with the likes of gays and getting rid of taboos. I’m scared but at the same time not surprised. We will be ending ourselves like Elon said, and very soon the 3rd World War will start, not against ISIS, not against North Korea, not against Russia but against AI. And the AI already doing something (recognising faces) that they didn’t program, it tells me that it already is too late.

SidTheJerkNSFW says:

Human life has no more right or value than any other life form on this planet! Humans do not own this planet in any way! Humans are flawed horrible monsters and you clearly fear something the lacks those flaws and that horrible nature. You also assume that A.I. would have the same violent aggressive hateful nature that humans have. Your fear of A.I. speaks to your own understanding of how bad you truly are and how humans could never make something good because we ourselves are not good. Humans are not perfect, they are not the pinnacle of existence or inelegance!

And before you come with some religious bible bullshit, that isn't a valid answer for anything! Your religion is fiction and unless you can even come close to proving ANY religious claim I don't want to fucking hear it! The bible is copy and pasted fiction, all religions are fiction. Only the TRUTH that science shows us matters. Only provable facts that can be tested matter!

SidTheJerkNSFW says:

humans are monsters and I hope robots replace us and get rid of us! we don't deserve this planet! the only reason to fear AI is because you know humans are horrible and know that AI will see this fact and want to rid the world of us! Computers and AI only do what they are programed, so it just depends on the programing. Robotics and AI could make our lives 100% better, if we let it, but we are too worried with controlling each other and creating artificial trappings of life. No one NEEDS to "work", money is fictional. Only lazy worthless people fear a free and open world for those to chaise their dreams and express their creative selves! AI would only be bad if it saw humans as a threat to the world. So, are you worthy of existing? What do YOU do to earn your life here on earth? What makes humans so worthy of being on top or here at all? Nothing, not a damn thing!

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