The Difference Between A.I. and Machine Learning and Deep Learning

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There’s a discussion going on about the topic we are covering today: what’s the difference between AI and machine learning and deep learning. (Get our free list of the worlds best AI newsletters right here 👉

Very frequently, press coverage and even practitioners of analytics use the terms Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning interchangeably. Disregarding the difference between AI and machine learning and deep learning.

However, these three concepts do not represent the same. In this video, we are going to break this down for you, giving you examples of use cases making the difference between ai and machine learning and deep learning more clear.

Any device that perceives its environment and takes actions to maximize its chances of success, can be said to have some kind of artificial intelligence, more frequently referred to as A.I.

More specifically, when a machine has “cognitive” capabilities, such as problem solving and learning by example it is usually associated with A.I.

Artificial Intelligence has three different levels:

Narrow AI: when a computer can perform one task much better than a human; this is where we stand nowadays.

2. General AI: when a machine can successfully perform any given intellectual task that a human being can too

3. Strong AI: when machines can beat humans in many of tasks.

Machine Learning is a subset of AI.
This is what most applications of AI in business rely on currently. Want to know more about how businesses are applying AI? Watch this video, in which we cover a list of them:

And finally, as a subset of machine learning, there’s Deep Learning. It is called “deep” because it makes use of deep artificial neural networks.

Also discussed in this video:

Difference between ai and machine learning
Difference between ai and machine learning and deep learning
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Difference AI machine learning
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Growth Tribe says:

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gaeb1811 says:

Technically speaking, what exactly does it mean that a machine has "cognitive capabilities"?

Landlord Q says:


Laughing Out Loud says:

So for trading it would be machine learning as it only needs to buy and sell and can learn from past data?

SkinnyBoy says:

Problem with this videos is that classical algorithms are never explained at all, media end up thinking that machine learning is the only AI out there. When in fact if algorithms like, pathfinding, A star, Constraint satisfaction problems, adversarial search, expert systems, fuzzy logic, goap, behavioral trees, etc if they were explained, people will understand why ml and AI is not the same thing

then benagcz says:

All of that is evil!!

Lucas Mucida says:

Certeza que é brasileiro hehe… belo video!

Ana Rivera says:

If you want to discuss this topic, you can read this article … it's very interesting

Aarold Aaroldson says:

Is it ok if go straight to Deep Learning without learning ML? Or it will be impossible to learn DL without mastering ML?

dineenporter says:

I could watch this guy explain anything.

TheMarmite09 says:

What about NLP????

Ikede Ebhole says:

you've earned my subscription in 3 mins. Best concise and visual explanation of anything ever.

إسلام أشرف says:

great explanation, thanks

Raj Reddy says:

* in Short: AI>ML>DL
* in Detail: AI is of a broader scope it has many sub areas within it and ML is one out of those many areas, Why people don't talk about other areas is because ML has had the most impact on our lives as of now than any other sub area out there. Now coming to Deep learning, Its a subset of ML, and again why Deep learning is heard more is because its this subset has had the best impact as of now when compared to other areas of interest.

Yash Baddi says:

Whatd ANN and how its releted to machine and deep learning

Carlos Enrique Pedini says:

Good video, wished it had more details

Thomas Hauer says:

great video info was on point

Mario A. Castro-Rojas says:

2:51 better THAN us

Vinayak S says:

Loved the explanation.

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