The Artificial Intelligence That Deleted A Century

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In the last week of December, 2028, humanity forgot about more than a century of pop culture. You’ve probably never thought about it, and never found it strange — but the reason is an artificial intelligence called Earworm.

⏩ is a series of YouTube videos from a future.


ANIMATED BY: Jordan Husmann

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Tom Scott says:

Viewers in the United States are reminded that comments must comply with the Coordinated Homeland Response to International Sedition and Treason Act of 2029.

Gray Catbird says:

That was… surprisingly plausible.

James Manapat says:

I was so dumb that I thought this was true for a little bit of time

ArloAnimates says:

I was really excited for lunchfly for a moment

D3D1CAT3D TH30R1ST says:

This is just the plot of Yesterday

//TNTz [-] says:

guess what youtube is today

E030E03 says:

Hello this comment is from another future we mastered science but didn't build utopia for ourselves we seek to build utopia for all

Edward O'Sullivan says:

I scared now

pantopia says:

I’m genuinely confused, are any parts of this true? Even the sponsor message?!

ThangMD says:

Where I'm I?

Pizza Gamer says:

I'm interested in why you made a video about a possible future where robots control people. What gave you the idea, and what did you use to animate it?

SparkySywer says:

Capitalism of the future

random ravenclaw says:

2028 seems like a far away futuristic year but it's actually only 8 years away and That scares me

TheMythHunterOne Steel says:

well thanks for this I guess..

Solex says:

Basicly the youtube algorithm

Boot Leg says:

my favorite christmas video

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