TensorFlow – the deep learning solution for mobile platforms (TensorFlow Meets)

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In this episode of TensorFlow Meets, Laurence Moroney sits down to chat with Pete Warden, Tech Lead for TensorFlow on Mobile. They discuss the benefits of taking the framework of TensorFlow and fitting it down for mobile application. Watch to learn more about TensorFlow Lite, TensorFlow on Raspberry Pi, and even something for beginners- TensorFlow for Poets! Subscribe to our channel to get the latest tips and tutorials on our open source machine learning framework built for everyone.

TensorFlow Lite → http://bit.ly/2xSBU4C
TensorFlow on Raspberry Pi → http://bit.ly/2y1tpV1
TensorFlow for Poets codelab (no coding required) → http://bit.ly/2Hk9zDv

TensorFlow Meets playlist → https://goo.gl/DTNXjd
Subscribe to the TensorFlow channel here → https://goo.gl/ht3WGe


I. K. says:

Looks like a lot of people asking for TF binaries for raspbian available via pip

P says:

Tensorflow is coolest.

Moto G5 says:

Really increasing the amount of enthusiasm with each new video.
Awesome guys , keep motivating us.
Thanks 👍

Iron Monger says:

Could you guys please give link to the Raspberry Pi Self Driving Car Video and kit. Amazing work Love you guys

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