TensorFlow image recognition and machine learning

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This video goes through an example of using TensorFlow for image recognition. Ubuntu is used via virtualbox on a Windows machine.


Eybus tt says:

can we train this with custom image….??

Bhargav Reddy says:

as of October 2017 , tensorflow is available for windows

A2019L says:

Thank you! This was very helpful.

davvka says:

I prefer to use simple user interface on https://vize.ai and they also provide info about dataset preparation https://blog.vize.ai/how-to-prepare-images-for-a-training-dataset-f6889433249b

Bimochan Shrestha says:

I tried to detect rose. It game me mushroom with very low probability

Yask Shelat says:

I also have another question: can we input our own images and train the tensor flow classier?

Yask Shelat says:

for example, if you have more then one objects in image i.e., ice water, can you get percentage value for each classes?

Christian Nana says:

Hi! Just a quick question. Are you using a CPU oder GPU? Thanks.

Abhishek Kumar says:

I tried applying tensorflow for poets to a folder that contained .png images instead of .jpg and it gave
me the following error "No valid folders of images found at /Database/shape"

Any possible solution to this?

tianxi ji says:

Thanks for you video, can classify_image.py takes multiple images as input and recognize them in sequence? Or only one image can be done for one time?

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