Superintelligence: Science or Fiction? | Elon Musk & Other Great Minds

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Elon Musk, Stuart Russell, Ray Kurzweil, Demis Hassabis, Sam Harris, Nick Bostrom, David Chalmers, Bart Selman, and Jaan Tallinn discuss with Max Tegmark (moderator) what likely outcomes might be if we succeed in building human-level AGI, and also what we would like to happen.

The Beneficial AI 2017 Conference: In our sequel to the 2015 Puerto Rico AI conference, we brought together an amazing group of AI researchers from academia and industry, and thought leaders in economics, law, ethics, and philosophy for five days dedicated to beneficial AI. We hosted a two-day workshop for our grant recipients and followed that with a 2.5-day conference, in which people from various AI-related fields hashed out opportunities and challenges related to the future of AI and steps we can take to ensure that the technology is beneficial.

You can find an audio balanced version of this panel here:

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Future of Life Institute says:

You can find an audio balanced version of this panel here:

Elrhyes Seyhrle says:

the final question briefly touches on an interesting point. we actually do "teach" (program) A.I. to be, winner take all. competitions, games, ect. where there is a top slot accommodating one. any research done with compassionate programming? this is a new subject to me. my interests in psychology and philosophy have lead me here. i do believe integration is paramount. we already posses the most sophisticated biological processor on the planet at 38 thousand trillion operations per second. why build an external machine to do it for us? which side of the horse do we put the cart on? i am aware i do not CAPS

Acid Trungpa says:

Great panel but Max should be more as a part of it. He is too distracting for moderators job

Kath Lop says:

We will be running the streets wondering what is happening to us. We will be wondering if we have lost our minds. Doing things we never thought we would..It's already bring misused with empty promises..Don't let it happen..Keep it far from you.. Be careful when you go to your doctor's. see someone who was revered too you..It's a weapon and that's it.. Its our end if we let this NEURALINK COMPANY STAY AFLOAT! SERIOUS..INTENSE..ALREADY IN USE!!

Kath Lop says:

An upside? There is no upside. People who have the ai robots will be more lazy..people will lose jobs..the robots will make themselves(no people needed to manufacture them)..what will we do everyday? Ok. So then we talk about Elon Musks point..we synchronize with the robots by becoming as smart as them. How does that happen? By having some kind of device(unsure what it is exactly..STILL!–LOTS OF DIFFERENT IDEAS ON THE INTERNET ABOUT WHAT IT COULD QUITE POSSIBLY BE!! oh yeah..symbiotic is the word…so my mind is supposed to get information that's helpful and makes me smarter and i can talk to the computer at the same time..I DON'T BELIEVE IT..NOT THE POSSIBILTY BUT WHAT IT WILL ACTUALLY BE FOR WHICH IS WHAT IT IS NOW AT THIS VERY MOMENT…CONTROL..YOU WILL HAVE "THE COMPUTER" giving you influential information that will only be to influence and cause harm..quite possibly not only for you but other people. And the computer/controller/company/LEADER WILL BRING ABOUT WHAT WE LOOK AT AS REVELATION..ANTI CHRIST?? I DONT KNOW..BUT THAT LEADER OF THAT COMPANY WILL TRY TO INFLUENCE US THAT WE NEED IT …DONT! BANDWIDTH?? ITS WRONG..KPL

josy26 says:

Modern day version of the elders talking about the a catastrophe that seems to be coming in the horizon

Praise Worship says:

Looks like Elon Musk was set up by pitting him against a group of people who were obviously going to disagree with him.

Miguel S says:

Panel moderator: “if I have a student come in and ask for career advice, the first thing I’ll ask her is what does she see herself doing in 20 years and she tells me, ‘well maybe I’ll get cancer-‘“
Elon: “-Haha”

M'Baku & T'Challa says:

If we live in a simulation, what if this simulation was started to test, if this given confguration of the universe we live in will still not be able to create AI, because civilisation kills itself again. Image we're the 9746th run and in all previous ones we killed ourselves in the next 20 years (obviously considering the possibility that in this simualtion the human race is the only one or maybe that doesn't have to be the case. They could also test which civilisation in this universe will get it first). Yay. Then I go on the street and watch all these people, who think, that the future will look like today's day

astronomie amatori says:

Raw Tee says:

Here we are again trying to create God in our image as in Babylon think about it

Are we even wise enough every engaged in higher education of these factors or are we creating a God in our own image again and what happened then think about it

chris P says:

Is lifelike artificial intelligence possible without emotions? Can computers ever feel? I'm sure the current systems will continue to get better but not sure we'll have artificial life like intelligence anytime soon? Biology is different than computers. Reproduction, the experience Sensations such as pain. Any biologists on the panel? You really need biologists and computer scientist to get together and discuss some neuroscientists too

Ayse Ciler says:

Türkçe alt yazısılı olsun istiyorum. Çok bilgilendirici bir çalışma, sohbet gibi görünüyor.

chris P says:

Not sure we'll get human lifelike artificial intelligence anytime soon!

Obviously our current technology will continue to progress

Let me add I'm a big fan of technology and I'm looking forward to this

And I think our current abilities will get more streamlined and just much more comprehensive and better integrated

But no one seems to be raising the point that living creatures and life in general is different than a computer system

It's not clear that computer systems will ever get to the point where they have ambitions, a drive to survive and reproduce, where they will feel pain and emotions

It is taken life about 4 billion years to reach its current Point

And again it's not clear that computer systems will be the same thing as living creatures whose Hallmark is a drive to survive and reproduce

I think again computers will continue to progress but no one seems to be raising the point that there's no real indicator that they will become alive and sentient in the way that living creatures are

Anyway and just surprised is not more discussion about life, evolution the Hallmarks of living biological systems and the current state of computer technology

Any essential differences

Self Aware Devices / Bilinçli Cihazlar says:

title must be "Max Tegmark & Others".

Vladimir S says:

TRDL. Watching about 12 min of this moot court was enough to realize that the "greatest minds" don't know what they are talking about. Biggest takeaway from this "debate" is, the jury is still out on coming to a consensus about what an AGI actually is.

Arm Chair Expert says:

Yuval Harari also should have been there

Artificial Intelligence - Project Godbrain says:

Wow, the power of the minds on state in this AI panel discussion is immense. Hopefully more discussions with this caliber of people can happen more frequently, and get into much more depth on specific topics & thoughts.

nukezat says:

What I want to know how that stage was built, holding all that brain power without collapsing.

ARTiFACT says:

Хо – хо – хо… так забавно наблюдать за тем, как ученые хвастаются и радуются тому что создают инструмент собственной ликвидации.

Waleed Rahimi says:

I think the question that is brought up, of will we achieve this creation, is unprecedented in the awareness of its approach and for that reason, first, an almost certain prospect, and second, that we are sensing, and fearing, thereby discussing this, shows the size of it's incoming influence.

Waleed Rahimi says:

maybe not have them sit so close together lol

Ben Greenwood says:

Mr Harris. Why do you think it would be less safe having advanced artificial intelligence in the hands of China or Iran as opposed to the US? Baffling reasoning to be honest given the history of the US. They have continually shown themselves to be the morally abject on the global scene and cannot be trusted whatsoever as the leader or police of the AI world.

Barbara Brinkmeyer says:

(RE: Laughing at the "no". That's perfect! I guess we need "no" to push through all moments so it does serve some creative purpose!) RE: Humans can seem "Superhuman" when they test their devices connected to an optimized intellect (i.e., clear an old "unresolved self" or human template at all levels of life including subconscious, unconscious, conscious… which then moves the human to super-conscious levels (… or rather, more and more aware — not to be confused with an healthy superiority complexes.) Make improvements at all levels of life through humble yet persistent changes. Though these changes are gradual and incremental, they are occurring with many now, though people don't tend to easily see that consciousness has a way of breaking out or moving beyond limitation. This truth is essentially built into life. However, at individual levels, I did worse without technology (before awakening) and was practically crippled. When I added a smart phone + added an optimized computer + added an optimizing network, optimized my education & entrepreneurial education…, then optimized my human cellular functioning (still in progress), my abilities and consciousness expanded. All of this learning is still expanding. It is comfortable? No. It's downright frightening, but it's far more frightening to lag. * This is the lifetime where many knew that the potential to develop, heal, and evolve further would take place because (strangely) many realities (though negative at times) would be "ripe" for humanity's blossoming. Approximately 1% of humanity is awakening actively…, and as they continue to work on their consciousness …, as they work with technology and daily choices made through deliberate focus, as they focus on highest outcomes benefiting humanity, they are reworking the substrate upon which planetary life is built. Where humanity faces constraint has more to do with limbic systems holding some highly-terrified individuals back. So in a way, humanity is dividing a bit in its consciousness. You have some who are terribly outmoded, and you have some who are growing rapidly.

L Daniel says:

This is the most important video

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