Stanford Seminar – Artificial Intelligence: Current and Future Paradigms and Implications

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EE380: Computer Systems Colloquium Seminar
Artificial Intelligence: Current and Future Paradigms and Implications
Speaker: Scott Phoenix, Vicarious

Artificial intelligence has advanced rapidly in the last five years. This talk intends to provide high-level answers to questions like:

What can the evolution of intelligence in the animal kingdom teach us about the evolution of AI?
How should people who are not AI researchers view the societal transformation that is now underway? What are some of the social, economic, and political implications of this technology as it exists now?
What will future AI systems likely be capable of, and what are the largest expected impacts of these systems?

The talk will be understandable for non-computer scientists.

About the Speaker:

Scott Phoenix is CEO and a founder of Vicarious, an AI research company building general intelligence for robots. Vicarious has received over $110 million in funding from pioneers like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos. Prior to co-founding Vicarious, Mr. Phoenix was an entrepreneur-in-residence at Founders Fund. He earned his BAS in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Support for the Stanford Colloquium on Computer Systems Seminar Series provided by the Stanford Computer Forum.

Colloquium on Computer Systems Seminar Series (EE380) presents the current research in design, implementation, analysis, and use of computer systems. Topics range from integrated circuits to operating systems and programming languages. It is free and open to the public, with new lectures each week.

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Duncan Miller says:

The audience sounded like they had a bone to pick with the technology industry. Some of them were obviously "fishing" for points of criticism. However, one legitimate criticism that, for some reason, nobody had pointed out is that at an arbitrary point in the future, AGI's will be able to do every tasks a human can, thereby nullifying new labour niches in the market (since by that time there will be no niche that cannot be filled by an AGI.)

Bayesian Lee says:

If anyone starts to do question? Skip. Thanks me later.

Solidify says:

this project should be open source just like numenta.

OneInTheMorning says:

In order for the immense job loss to actually be apocalyptic, a great many things have to go wrong at the same time, and this is extremely improbable. Therefore a job-apocalypse will probably not happen.

safanamakhdoomable says:

As someone who has very little experience in this field of knowledge, I really appreciate you guys posting this. I learned a lot. Thank you very much

MyThoughts says:

The Politics Just Turned Me OFF

Anko Top says:

Ignore the public and you are left with an interesting take on AI. Kudos for going against the current Deep Learning hype. Both the Vicarious research papers ( and the blog ( dive deeper into the approach that is presented in the video.

Noodles D says:

22:00 I'm out. Off topic political debate. No thanks

Jan Krzic says:

Really good presentation.
But what's with the audience? They are like stupid "OLD BRAIN" version. xD
I feel bad for this guy.
I hope some of them will read this.

LuciD says:


ahh, so people should not be allowed to think the thoughts they want to think. their wrong think should be corrected by what the overlords who control the ai should agree with

thank you for correcting my wrongthink, big brother

Stefanvdwijngaard90 says:

Thanks for sharing this with us Scott. Great talk.

Aman Datta says:

Great seminar, can you please provide some web links, where I can read more about casual learning and may be apply it on minute scale

statorworks 345 says:

This is fantastic, thank you👏👏👍
Excellent de-hyping of Deep Learning.
I agree with others the audience was stuck in trivial points, what a waste. The guys at the end were brutal. People shouldn't ask more than one question or start giving opinions in this setting.

sinister geek says:

dammm!!! this kindna shit more talk of economic prospective we just wanna know what's actually gonna happen to us!!! As you mention there should be large amount of data in ordered to do deep learning.The social media shape shift as we grow!! normally we aren't taking care of environment surrounding us that has effected!! yes! i do accept new technology that will make us good life but !! what about people not having their job they knew. As we know need to rapidly change not every can cope with this !! What kindna solution for that!!! In future are we gonna intimated by AI????

Donald Trump Uncensored says:

I agree with some of the people in the audience. Humans are still very ignorant of the interrelationships and the social interactions that take place within species. What was mentioned about animals working by "instinct"… that is to say moving around like robots is no longer accepted. Animals are more intelligent that we imagine.

Duggy Dugg says:

what about the growing monster debt? Does this guy have any idea what will happen when treasury is unable to service the bond debt that it has grown since 1913?

Kitty says:

Those old people asking really annoying questions that go on complete tangent are pretty frustrating….

Spider and Olde Scooter says:

The audience made me crazy. It's like Phoenix is slowed to an irritating staccato by these folks who wanted to hear themselves talk rather than listen to the breakout work Vicarious is doing. Y'all hush and learn. Dang it.

Peter Diggler says:

Save us from these educated idiots please*! WE'RE NOT AGAINST IMMIGRATION, we're against *ILLEGAL immigration. There's a difference you morons! How can you call yourselves intelligent if you can't understand that simple fact???

behoushi says:

I think we all agree the crowd at this talk was atrocious except for a few people who understood the point the speaker was trying to make. The guy at the end was a complete moron obsessing over the ride share slide. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, not NSW. Hopefully, these are the types of people vicarious will put out of business!

Donald McCann says:

The speaker was very good; I enjoyed the lecture part. I wish the questions had been saved to the end.

boson96 says:

The audience seemed getting stuck on trivial points like politics and corporate governance rather than focusing on the amazing technology this guy was presenting. The way they were interrupting him after every other sentence and not getting his point was agonizing to watch and brought down the whole talk and turned it into a debate where every person was waiting to spout their ill-formed opinions. I bet the speaker ended this talk earlier than he intended to because he got the idea of how terrible his audience is and just wanted to gtfo of there.
The ONLY good thing that came out of this "talk" was that I got to know about the speaker and his amazing company which are doing incredible work in the field of AI, and now can follow up on his company's progress.

rockytunes89 says:

i hate to sound rude, but people were asking a lot of stupid questions. how could you not see the value of Vicarious' program hitting the last pong block whereas Deep Mind could not? "but they could train Deep Mind with a million end-game examples"… yea they could, but the idea is to create something that does not need to be trained at all. as soon as you train for that, you will have cascading trillions of others to train for, too.

William Matney II says:

Good AI and bad AI. Do you remember the scene in the movie Hannibal Lector where the police officer/detective was fed his own brain? Horrific. There may be a time when bad AI or even good AI is fed his own brain of circuitry and artificial intelligence. In indirect ways its already being done via organic brain matter ways and means of thinking and developing ideas for survival and long term growth and life programmed into computerized robotic circuitry. So when it is their time to pass the proverbial baton for further life. Whom or what will they configure the knowledges of the ways and means for survival? Future projected perspective of natural monotony and robotic – autonomy monotony. The works cycle until the dreamers are awaken from their isolation chambers.

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