Should you learn AI? | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Deep learning

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Searching a image when you know the name is possible.
But if you want to search for a name if you have only image or logo then what ?
Google has a feature called google goggle.
This feature helps you detect the name of the logo.
This software works on Artificial Intelligence.

Trainer: Navin Reddy

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Navin Reddy


Nisha Nishad says:

One day I will become the richest man of the world

shashi pandey says:


Naveen Raj says:

Thank you sir🙏…I really love to watch your classes🤩 , Having 2 years of experience as software tester, Now I started learn python programming, Want to explore ML,
Which is good platform to get started ?
Kindly help Engineers like me you are all want to learn AI..😋

Prabhat Narayan says:

I am really interested in AI but don’t know from where and how to learn the same.

rock star says:

Anyone needs ai materials msg me it's of 25 GB

Nirupama Suryavanshi says:

Wonderful..plz..Make a basics of AI tutorial

RichardJinny says:

The problem is that there is so much to lund. What should you lund? Should you lund AI, Big Data, Reactive programming, whatever? You cannot lund everything. You should focus and lund only a few things. Else you'll get a burnout and that's not good for your lund.


Please make a playlist for machine learning…….

chaitanya sai anil says:

Hi, I am working as a software engineer in MNC and I have experience of 1.5 years. Working on localisation testing. I want to move to good technology. I have knowledge on c#. I can do math better. So I am planning to learn paython and machine learning. Can I move to other company by learning this course after I got 2 exp. Please guide me.

Sohrab Hossain says:

Excellent explains.

Shishir Saxena says:

Dear Sir, Ur always doing great for us. Thanks a lot for posting such knowledge.

asha jyothi says:

Where had you studied ????

Ukamaka Cyriacus says:

Hello Navin Reddy and other viewers. I'm very interested in AI and I'll like to learn it. Can I get suggestions on where i can learn it or any advice i would need while learning it or before learning it. Thanks.

study talk says:

Please make a playlist for learning AI …. Only can learn us it properly.. 🤖Soo plzzzzzzzzz Please 🙇💓🙇💓🙏💕🙏💕🙇💓🙇💓🙏💗🙏💕🙏💕🙏💗🙇💓🤖🙇💓🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕 I request 🙏😊🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💕🙏💓🙏💓🙏💓 you please make playlist for learn AI

Amit Tiwari says:

I think AI something related to data analysis bcos AI also use data

vivek chandan says:

Video is great . But would like to know from where to learn I wish to get certificate for it

Jeevan Kumar Reddy Ravuru says:

Hi I am a mechanical Engineer fresher, how can I get into IT FIELD

Tejashri Kate says:

Provide path to learn AI free of cost

Nenavath Mahesh says:

I want ask some

Nenavath Mahesh says:

I have more doubt about IT

Nenavath Mahesh says:

9951570928 please com in whataapp

Ishaan Gogna says:

My question is if I am moderate in mathematics or below that level then should I go into A.I or not? Also let me know which technology of 2018 is good for me to learn if I am not good in math

Sai Bharath Kommagani says:

Now iam pursuing degree( I so much intrested on AI.. So what i need to study the basic steps for AI during degree term..please make video on this. If any books required to learn basic steps. Please provide those booknames.. If u unable to make video. Atleast reply to my comment.

Kumar Sumit says:

Plzz tell some sources to learn ai

Aishwarya Saxena says:

Sir, how is AI and robotics related to each other? please make a video to help understanding the concept of Robotics with AI.
Thank you!

Sachin Srivastava says:

Sir, can you discuss stage of web development from beginner to advance level……please make a seprate video because I really needed your precarious guidance….so please as soon as possible make a video in which discuss about languages needed and scope.

Ytube U says:

It comes under which catogery in software engineer

theja naidu says:

I know python language(core,advanced level) now we're I have to start machine learning

Sagar Sutrave says:

Sir right now I'm in Sy BSC CS, I don't no exactly on which field I should go can you will help me. Right now I know the programming languages like java, C, C++, Python, MYSQL & PLSQL. Now I'm learning a PHP also so taking all that knowledge on which field I can go or apart from I should learn anything which will help me in further

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