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Synth God M.A.S.S., (Music Automation and Synthesis Symposium) was a one-day symposium about the current state-of-the-art and future of digital music synthesis as well as the influence of Artificial Intelligence on music creation and automation. The symposium featured speakers in the areas of digital music automation & creation, and digital and analog synthesis. This symposium was presented by NEOACM (Northeast Ohio Association for Computing Machinery and sponsored by SWEETWATER, and SOUND ON SOUND Music Technology Magazine. Artificial intelligence is transforming into a general-purpose technology that permeates virtually every aspect of human life and society. We have seen AI’s impact on music creation and instrumentality for many years. AI algorithms have changed the way we create and perform music. But now will this new technology be used to help creativity, composition, and performance? Will it hurt or hinder the musical artists? This panel explored this question. The panelists were Dr. Roger Dannenberg, Bozhidar Bozhanov from COMPUTOSER, and Jack Ciarniello, owner of TAKENOTE Productions.


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