Seven Days – S02E03 – Parker Com

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Seven Days é uma série de televisão estadunidense de ficção científica, baseada no tema de viagens no tempo. Foi produzida de 1998 a 2001, com locações nos Estados Unidos e no Canadá.

Seven Days - S02E03 - Parker Com

Dr. Susan Erikson (Kendall Cross) has developed an artificial intelligence named Claire. After activation, Claire personifies herself akin to the AI's level of development. As Claire "ages" (Keegan Connor Tracy) she develops an understanding of the world and disarms all of the US' nuclear warheads as a first step toward world peace. Attempting backstep, Claire interferes and prevents Parker from time traveling, but her infatuation with the chrononaut leads her to set up a virtual reality where the two can meet, face-to-face. After distracting the AI, Parker successfully backsteps. In the past, Parker successfully helps shut down Claire.


Kevin Howard says:

My computer is probably a hundred thousand times faster then CLAIRE. That AI is psychotic.

denis ndwiga says:

in this episode they got the wrong badguy!!!

אריאל גולני says:


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