Session four – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Cambridge 2016

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16:00-16:20 Alex Matthews, University of Cambridge A variational framework for approximate Gaussian process inference
16:20-16:40 Ferenc Huszár, Magic Pony Technology, Cambridge Generative Models for Image Processing
16:40-17:00 Sacha Krstulovic, Audio Analytic Ltd., Cambridge Automatic Environmental Sound Recognition: Performance versus Computational Cost


alexggmatthews says:

I agree with the comment it would have been useful to show more of the slides. My slides for the first 20 minutes can be found here: . Also since I gave this talk I have made my doctoral thesis available. It presents the papers discussed in a unified way and in some cases extends them. It is available here: . Hopefully people will find that helpful.

SenorQuichotte says:

no slides, thumbs down for just talking heads

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