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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 is the fastest and most accurate speech recognition software available for the PC. Dragon transforms the PC experience by turning your voice into text and actionable commands much faster than most people can type. By making navigation and text-entry tasks dramatically faster and easier, Dragon 13 allows you to reach your full potential by helping you get more done on your computer - simply by speaking.


Jason Lewis says:

I'm writing a book can this really help me.

dragonnotation 1 says:


Norm De Plume says:

If it can understand her accent, it can understand anyone!


I purchase dragon naturally speaking for my Windows laptop is there anyway I can transfer it or use it on my Android phone because my screen in my keyboards are compromised somehow

Geoff Banks says:

Note this presentation does not apply to Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 recorder edition!

Steven Baxter says:

Be honest and tell us exactly what version you are using….. it is certainly not the crap I have! and I have version 13 too!

TheDarknessIsWaiting says:

This Program has Hung on me like 6 times. I hope this tutorial has some solutions or back this goes to Amazon.


I thought this program was a text reader that read the texts with the pronunciation of our voice. Make a program like that, use artificial intelligence.

G B says:

1984 is here

Angele Grenier says:

Just purchased the program did not install it has corrupt files and errs and they want me to pay $5.00 yea right nice going.

Jacqueline Glen says:

How good is the software at picking up a Scottish accent?

kaiaphasful says:

no problem if you speak like siri

Day Wilson says:

Name of the software is WRONG from the very first day. It may have been "DRAGON NATURALLY LISTENING". Correct me if I don't understand the title.
But yes, it is very good software.

GOD Bless

Donald Phase says:

Humble question here: Can this program help me improve my English skills?

bvd1022 says:

Hi, I am currently using Dragon NS 12. I am considering upgrading to the newer software, but am also thinking of upgrading my laptop to either a chromebook or mac because of problems I've had after upgrading my current laptop to windows 10. I am a writer and use the software to save some strain on my hands. My question is, if I go with either a mac or a chromebook will dragon's software be compatible or do I need windows? Thanks for your time.

Binh Le says:

If I use this software to practice my English pronunciation, do you think it is a good software to buy? Or other voice recognition software is used for the purpose (practice and self-test my English pronunciation). Any advice is appreciated!

marz3335 says:

does it work with word pad?

Melvin Clarke says:

can you use this with scrivener?
I have a laptop and it wont run.

Elric Drick says:


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