Sam Harris on Artificial Intelligence

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A compilation of all conversations Sam Harris has had on the topic of AI.

(00:00:00 – 00:13:56) Waking Up with Sam Harris #8

(00:13:56 – 00:43:33) Joe Rogan Experience #641

(00:43:33 – 00:56:28) Waking Up with Sam Harris #18 (with Max Tegmark)

(00:56:28 – 01:17:49) Waking Up with Sam Harris #22 (with David Deutsch)

(01:17:49 – 01:38:33) Waking Up with Sam Harris #34 (with David Chalmers)

(01:38:33 – 01:50:07) Waking Up with Sam Harris #37 (with Neil deGrasse Tyson)

(01:50:07 – 02:33:46) Joe Rogan Experience #804

(02:33:46 – 02:47:57) The Rubin Report


Pinkfloyd Tembo says:

Genetic engineering is the way to go. Rather be god than build one 😁

14u2c now says:

Take all the money out of your account now because do you think that the bank will give you your money back when the shit hits the fan? If im wrong you will still be have your money!


AI is OK as long as it doesn't achieve self awareness.

qwertynable says:

Seems like the most burning problem for Sam is that we could be destroyed by an unconscious super intelligence. He doesn't seem to mind if it's conscious. That's funny: from the perspective of an extinct species what difference does it make whether it were annihilated by conscious or unconscious AI? And all that before we even consider that consciousness, like free will, is an illusion anyway. Personally I'm in David Deutch's camp.

WuzNab says:

I am now woke.

Lucifer Iblees says:

Sam Harris is such a hypocritical cunt. He has no problem with killing chicken but then when an AGI would see us the way we see chickens, there is suddenly a problem. This is why veganism is the only moral position that is morally consistent.

Manuel Herrera says:

The ultimate dilemma is to build a superintelligence machine that emulates our values. As a dominant species, our values are based on predation and self-interest

Electrophorus Electricus says:

Open the pod bay door Hal.

Card Quest says:

It’s so annoying that he had to bring his partisan rhetoric into this. Fuck Sam Harris lol

not0evn says:

Preface: I did watch the whole video:

I appreciate his reasoning. But I don't understand the point of this whole campaign. He says the second worse thing than a destructive AI is no AI. So I gather that he is not calling for the cessation of AI development.

At one point with Joe Rogan he suggested that "figuring it out along the way" is a dangerous or at least ignorant approach, but how else are we going to address these hypothetical issues? We have no idea if or how the AI will become destructive. We could try to predict them but if the AI became as prolific as he suggests then it seems like a pointless endevor.

If you're going to live in the frictionless world of theory than it seems safe to assume that there will be no possibly of definitively removing the possibly of AI usurping us humans. So again I wonder what the point of all this has been.

The guy earlier on in the video who suggested that AI turning destructive is unlikely is at least as valid of an argument in my opinion because it allows for more real world variables the Sam's 2 axiom point of view.

And by all this logic I think ultimately all we even can do is "figure it out along the way"

TheAureliac says:

First, it seems rather silly to claim that this is a new topic, however you dislike sci-fi. However, we have absolutely no way to stop this now that it's come this far. Second, it would not make sense for a man to spend all his time donating sperm (whether that's a godlike fantasy or a sexual fantasy I won't waste time on) because massive inbreeding would be a given.

robthenorm says:

Kill white. Kill black. Or. Kill the one asking the question.

Nathan J says:

This video offends me with its targeting of autistic individuals. Aspugers is not a disease that makes you inhuman or separate from the rest of humanity. The real threat is this societal hatred of autistic people and this cultural superstition that asburgers is this disability that makes individuals comparable to sociopaths and psycopathy. Autism doesn't make you an alien and all it is is a different way of thinking that gives you a different viewpoint of the world and makes social interaction harder.

Truth Freeman says:

Sam Harriswhat a relief that someone in the field rcognizes th very serious ideas and dangers.

Truth Freeman says:

I think this sll shows – WE're Done -Finished. Can' the Techy Prodrammers/people who are the clever Desiners get-it.!??? Gosh we do!

Francis Arthur says:

Think about this: This already has happened a few times before us. Every time we created an AI, we died out and the al knowing AI created a new species and so it goes on and on =^_^=

Mary Cate O'Malley says:

Total and complete bullshit "study" on the issue of how conservatives and liberals would choose what people would be programmed into a self-driving car for accident deaths. Total fiction.

Eric Nofsinger says:

When people of thought ponder about realities that are beyond them, they allow themselves to lose sight of common sense………..exhibit A right here ladies and gentlemen. That, or Sam really needs to stop binging Black Mirror. Its a coin flip if ya ask me.

mike c chang says:

good stuff! Sam rocks!

Josh says:

Sam isn't it possible that right now you are already a part of agi speaking out about the dangers of agi? That would be absolute fuckery

Bluereefdivers says:

worth listening.

Patrick Kiley says:

Creativity is not a form, or type, of knowledge. I keep hearing a lot of equivocating… intelligence? Processing information? Creativity? What bothers me is how we keep glossing over how AGI even comes into existence. We should definitely fear the results if we were on the right path way towards getting the results, but from what I’ve read I don’t think anyone is on the right path. Guess I’ll just have to keep reading

John Gordon says:

It has already happened, a pair of machines have already been built that has probably developed its own language that we potentially can’t understand so had to be turned off because we cannot understand or control.

Joel Smith says:

Oh well, when my mom dies im killing myself so i dont have to worry anyway.

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