Ruining My Day With Voice Recognition | Hacking Alexa

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Andrew DUBUICK racing says:

You should make a uno reverse card robot that shots exploding uno reverse cards and then dabs on the haters so it would be a maverick and not a jake Pauler and it has to make hurampa joked and it should be had out of trigger me Elmo that’s riding the screaming rumba shootings the YouTube friendly gun

Q Lorenz says:


Q Lorenz says:

2 million subscribers as of five minutes ago!

Jude games says:

I have you beat with swearing bitch. I talk like i have fucking tourettes

Talon Ozeta says:

Make a light that can only turn on if you clap twice

Alex Reibelt says:

I love your vids keep making them I find them heliairs

d m says:

For rreal, this needs more randomeness. Make it have like tourettes like that rumba. You can train it to feed off these comments to roll around the house breaking shit and screwing with people at random

nathan Tamplen says:

First comment

rustythedog 900gaming says:

you are a vary funny guy you know

Remy Nobdy says:

Love that intro music lmao

Not Pyrocynical says:

make alexa literally die

Worthless Gaming says:

"I wanted to write so. E software for alexa"

Alexa: turns on

gpx ford says:


Michael Reeves was still monetized

ALFA OnToP says:

Published in January
“ it was recently cyber Monday “

Hamish Taylor says:

You can make Alexa swear by add two of the last letter onto the word

Alex Lavoie says:

''if you click off the video, ding ding is going to hunt you down''
What if this is what i want?

TheRussianOne Official says:

i like the code parts

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