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Robots at war 😀


mirage prime says:

The tan robot is autobot mirage

avogadroございます says:

Belle performance.

HamletNOR says:

Still love this video!

aryan jhariya says:

When we will see such mobility in real life I just hope it happens when I am alive

mr robotics says:

All robots will come in the future



Senada Pasic says:

Robots where a human can see through the front from another location like those doctor robots, that's where the future is . We'll be able to send our robots to do anything with our own voices. . R2d2 where are my groceries. ?

SpookyFXdotCom says:

came back to see this again after 3 years…

Okty says:

Thank you all for your support of this video, hope to see more people enjoying it!

Fatmeatball says:

First video of robots I ever saw.

xxxCrackerJack501xxx says:

love the design

John Smith says:

that kind of video that u don't get it

MrAppleSalad says:

"fighting robots"

Vertical Hunger says:

is this for real?

dogukan kuru says:

are you made this animation with endorphin and cinema 4d ?

Ajesbayes says:

Someone didnt obey the laws of roboethics

Marc Arriaga says:

i told them it wasnt a fighting robot

snoopysn100 says:

real good  

brit paez garcia says:

oye talves no sepas español pero te pido que subas videos de como hacer esos robots

imtifade says:

This is the video that got me in to 3d animation and modeling, Thank you for the inspiration. 

Cory Suter says:

Did you make this?

Allistaire A says:

This is their warm up routine prior
to the Robaxacet commercial that
they'll be filming afterwards.

sub ZEЯO says:

arnis won!!!

TerrariaGamer900 says:

maybe someone has asked this, but can i request the software name?

maxelectrofilth says:

Jesus… computer generated!

MaxCommander2000 says:

It`s very good. Often fighting-robots are animated slowly and they fight just whith lasers, machine guns, rocket-launchers and so on. But here they fight like people. And it`s 3D.

Skyy Brooks says:

It kiss ass :-!

elbasu libra says:


samuraiujio12 says:

Man, every time I watch this vid, I enjoy it. Very well made. A little to short though.

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