REVIEW: Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Recorder (Skyly Sk-C3)

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The Skyly SK-C3 allows for organizations to quickly check attendance by having members sign-in with their fingerprints. The data can then be exported via a USB drive, or connected to a PC/Mac…
***Correction: Item stores 150,000 passwords, and 600 fingerprints!

Link to item:


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komal jadhav says:

hello sir, in this machine is there any option about gps location. I mean if the box moved from one place to another place, can we find the place also?

Клининговая компания says:

I use this at work for my server room door lock.>>>   I personally use the fingerprint reader and the others that have access I gave codes to. The logs are easy to access for me to audit access and the finger reader works pretty well for me. I am happy with the lock so far. Its been in place for about 2 months now. Side note….the guys that installed it said it was a very nice lock and built very well. It feels sturdy and seems like it will last in the commercial environment I am using it in.

Riya Sai says:

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Sanjida Khan says:

sir tym ki setting mai apne according kr sakti hu kya ?

Sanjida Khan says:

sir attendance wale is device mai charge ki bhi needs hoty hai kya ?

Janine Varley says:

Can you please help with exporting of data to flash drive?

Brian Lotz says:

Was anyone ever able to figure out how to do a reset on this unit. I dont know if mine had been used previously or what but it appears to have a manger password already in it. HELP

Mohd. Parvej Khan says:

how can operation manual

jawed hussain says:

how can we check attendance on pc

INJES Technology co.,ltd says:

what price did you buy? maybe we are able to offer better price to you. recently we release new USB self service fingerprint time attendance model MYA3 to market, it is 24.98$/pcs only.

Farhan Bajrai says:

Thanks. Very Informative

The Family says:

I would like to know how to view previous month records on this device. It seems to have a monthly cutoff… your help would be much appreciated.

Martha Levine says:

Hi,  Can you post the link to their website you mentioned?  I can't find it.  I would like easier instructions. Thanks for your video, it was helpful!!

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