Ray Kurzweil: Your Brain in the Cloud

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CorazonKc says:

Its been 7 years now and im still waiting up to 2029+ for this👊😎🖤

Luc Hendriks says:

Kurzweil predicted Neuralink in 2013

Keep Peace says:

He has nerve problems as shown on his face.

Christopher Ludlow says:

Now this is a Devils Deal. Its no longer your brain.

Mario Tang says:

Too many boomers, they cannot accept the new things


The controllers are unhappy our brains are not connected to the cloud. So please get it done so we are smarter. And the controllers are happy.

Danny Ali says:

But the cloud is not me right?

Kairos Kronos says:

This man is insane. Wants to kill all humans by plugging them into computers (who stays out so generously to power, monitor, and fix the machines you’ll be plugged into Ray? Is that when you bring daddy back from the dead?
Just study some Tesla to realize these people like kurzweil are nuts. Plug yourself and your friends in first Ray, we’lltake good care of the maintenance for you. Whatafool.

Cicada Tubular says:

Everyone needs this? Or just those people who are mentally and physically handicapped or challenged?

In the pursuit of helping people become their full potential and allowing them to reach their own actualized type of selfs.

Why are we not using the ability to communicate deliberately to each other instead of insisting that we all need to insert something into our brains?
our brains that work and live fine being more than capable of sustaining life.

It seems like a technician is trying to bypass psychology and go directly to cutting into peoples brain as a short cut to fixing the only problem in the world right now.

Which is how to inspire open and honest communication in an effing monetary system?

Answer that question! Dip shit.

Not all humans are as boring as you when talking about something that they are apparently trying to be passionate about.

Why aren’t we discussing the system that forces everyone to be afraid of everyone else?

Maybe your afraid of something.

Why aren’t we acknowledging the paradox that the monetary system creates for the path of learning open and honestly to each other in order to reach our own higher level of intelligence and self awareness.

Because the level of intelligence evolves too, regardless of your lack of knowledge of it.

Only a moron would suggest that we need anything in our brain accept oxygen and true open conversation.

What exactly is your brain NOT doing for you?

Daisy Duckface says:

Do we really continue to live when our copy (clone) lives in a simulation ?
You need kind to transfer yourself into the cloud not to copy it into the cloud…

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