Peer to Peer (P2P) vs Client Server Network (in Hindi)

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Peer to Peer vs Client Server Network
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Thank you sir best example dete hai sir all part computer networking video banaiye

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So the conclusion is stop piracy😀😀just kidding

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bro manna padenga abk tak ka best explanation hai…thanks for sharing such useful information..

Sarath Sasikumar says:

Thanks Sir for the explanation

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Gurdeep Kaur says:

Your sound quality is very low and plz speak slow you can teach best give very best examples but it take my brain power

Ahtsham Nawaz says:

give me slides


which is more reliable
peer to peer or
client server
my teacher said that client server
but in this chances of data lose will be highand iin peer to peer chances of data loses will be less

Ishan Singh says:

thanks q sir…………. sir aap ne topology me logical topology ki video upload nhi ki
plz sir upload kariye and thanks

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