Peer to Peer Connection

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Group 1 : “Server Bass”
Harry Cayanan
Melrissa Dela Cruz
Jonh Jayson Legaspi
Marlen Ursal
Edshem JC Elesorio
Arnie Zamora


richelldee salazar says:

How can i find or do the Text??

Reynaldo Aquit says:

Thanks God😇 my exam for today r now save

Sensible Gaming says:

Ti can connect wireless

Lovely Heart says:

Bakit wala po kayong inilagay sa default gateway?

mmeow mmeow says:

we want to download it.

Sooraj R says:

Dude just explain each steps.,

shivkant patil says:

tq for this video

shoaib khan sk says:

Nice bro keep it up

Tekawita Brown says:

Thank u for this !!! helped alot with my assessment lol

sharath s says:

Thank you for this video 🙂

Jayay sun says:

If you have an idea about Computer Communications you wont be lost…you dont need the voice just follow the steps and you'll be fine

Cesar Ramirez says:

again another guy that puts music with no explanation on what the hell is doing….like explaining why you assigned that IP

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