Recorded: Sept 15th , 2017 (More)

Includes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain Technology, Augmented Reality & IOT (More)

I've built an app called Artificial Advisor that helps you manage your personal finances. After connecting to your bank account, it automatically categorizes your transactions and helps you allocate a monthly budget. You can ask the app questions about your budget and it will also make automated investment decisions for you in several stocks in the industry of your choosing. In this lecture, i'll explain the code and thought process I used to build it so that you can build your own finance startup. I used Tensorflow + Firebase + Plaid + Dialogflow + Alpaca to build this. Enjoy! (More)

I've built an automated therapist app called MindRelaxr using PyTorch and a host of other tools (Dialogflow, Tensorflow Lite, Firebase, ONNX, Paypal, and Android Studio). I'm going to show you how I integrated these tools together to build a paid service that uses AI generated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to help people reduce their depression and anxiety. This app uses a sentiment analysis model trained in PyTorch as well as Google's cloud natural language processing service 'dialogflow' to provide low cost therapy. Enjoy! (More)

I'm going to build a medical imaging classification app called SmartMedScan! The potential customers for this app are medical professionals that need to scale and improve the accuracy of their diagnoses using AI. From ideation, to logo design, to integrating features like payments and AI into a single app, I'll show you my 10 step process. I hope that by seeing my thought process and getting familiar with the sequence of steps I'll demonstrate, you too will be as inspired as I am to use this technology to do something great for the world. Enjoy! (More)

Learn how to connect Windows 7 to a Peer-to-Peer Workgroup and set up the user accounts and passwords for seemless file sharing. (More)

Introduction to P2P networking. (More)

Build a 10Gb network switch for home or a Small Medium Business (SMB). Part 3 in 10Gb Home Network Series that shows you how to leverage 10Gb now, avoid pit-falls, and keep things affordable.
Part 1 - Introduction |
Part 2 - Peer-to-Peer |
Part 3 - Build A Switch |
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Speech Emotion Recognition System Matlab source code (More)

Facial recognition technology used in schools to monitor students attention. We take a look at this new artificial intelligence that's being installed in schools. (More)

I made this as a summer research project. This emotion recognition program recognizes people's emotions solely through facial movement by using an algorithm known as dense optical flow. (More)

M.A. Tokatlioglu's and my undergraduate thesis project at Sakarya University. (More)

Learn how to build and deploy a machine learning model to Cloud ML Engine, then make it available to the world via Firebase Cloud Functions. (More)

Let's discuss whether you should train your models locally or in the cloud. I'll go through several dedicated GPU options, then compare three cloud options; AWS, Google Cloud, and FloydHub. I was not endorsed by anyone for this. (More)

DeVry University Professor Bob Bunge talks about the Pacific Rim Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition and explains how he's doing his part to train future cyber security warriors. (More)

“Success in creating effective A.I.,” said the late Stephen Hawking, “could be the biggest event in the history of our civilization. Or the worst. We just don’t know.” Are we creating the instruments of our own destruction or exciting tools for our future survival? Once we teach a machine to learn on its own—as the programmers behind AlphaGo have done, to wondrous results—where do we draw moral and computational lines? In this program, leading specialists in A.I., neuroscience, and philosophy tackle the very questions that may define the future of humanity. (More)

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Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can change when exposed to new data. (More)

Please watch: "Free Online Digital Marketing Course |How Digital Marketing works in 2019|Career| Courses|Lecture-01" --~--
Machine Learning and Deep Learning Is the future!!
Guys in this vodeo you can know about How can Machine learning and deep learning implemented in real life and how to we can improve technology using machine learning and depp learning. (More)

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can change when exposed to new data. (More)

Why Machine Learning is The Future? | Sundar Pichai Talks About Machine Learning
It is 2017 and one technology which is expected to bring in a sea of innovation is Machine Learning. Be it the day to day life or high-end sophisticated innovation, the world is slowly but surely moving forward to become more Machine Learning reliant. Products of the Internet giant like Google or Facebook are heavily embedded around Machine Learning. "We are making a big bet on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Advancement in machine learning will make a big difference in many many fields.", the Google CEO, Sundar Pichai said at IIT Kharagpur pointing out how effectively computers recognize image, voice or speech. (More)


Watch Yuval Noah Harari speak with Fei-Fei Li, renowned computer scientist and Co-Director of Stanford University's Human-Centered AI Institute -- in a conversation moderated by Nicholas Thompson, WIRED's Editor-in-Chief. The discussion explores big themes and ideas, including ethics in technology, hacking humans, free will, and how to avoid potential dystopian scenarios. (More)

Hear from Diane Greene, SVP of Google Cloud; Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google; Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Alphabet and Fei-Fei Li, Chief Scientist for Google Cloud Machine Learning and AI and Professor of Computer Science at Stanford. Our lineup of executives will discuss what Google Cloud offers today and discuss Google Cloud's vision for the future. Attendees will also hear how our customers and partners are embracing the cloud in new and innovative ways. (More)

Lecture 2 formalizes the problem of image classification. We discuss the inherent difficulties of image classification, and introduce data-driven approaches. We discuss two simple data-driven image classification algorithms: K-Nearest Neighbors and Linear Classifiers, and introduce the concepts of hyperparameters and cross-validation. (More)

AI keynote speaker & NY Times Bestselling innovation author Jeremy Gutsche dives into artificial intelligence and the AI mechanized future in an AI talk that explores how artificial intelligence trends will change your future, particularly as you combine innovation in AI with robotics, interface, bio enhancement, 3d printing, mind reading, sustainability and thought control. (More)

In this video, we go over advantages of artificial intelligence and how ai will change the world in the future. Although AI should not be taken lightly, there are many advantages and ways that AI will help us. We hope this video makes you better understand what will happen to ai in the future and its potential impact! (More)

In this episode of The Rubin Report Dave Rubin talks to Martin Ford (Author and Futurist) about AI, the power of computers and robots, Deep Learning, his views on promoting Universal Basic Income, and more. **Support The Rubin Report: (More)

Leading expert on AI and the robotics revolution Martin Ford offers both an exploration of this new technology and a call to arms to face its radical implications. (More)

The show is part of a series that I’m really excited about, in part because I’ve been working to bring them to you for quite a while now. The focus of the series is a sampling of the interesting work being done over at OpenAI, the independent AI research lab founded by Elon Musk, Sam Altman and others. In this episode, I’m joined by Greg Brockman, OpenAI Co-Founder and CTO. Greg and I touch on a bunch of topics in the show. We start with the founding and goals of OpenAI, before diving into a discussion on Artificial General Intelligence, what it means to achieve it, and how we going about doing so safely and without bias. (More)

This is a summary of Judea Pearl's (UCLA) paper "Learning Theoretical Impediments to Machine Learning With Seven Sparks from the Causal Revolution" (More)

Deep Learning for Solving Important Problems (More)