In his talk, Matthias speaks about the future of artificial intelligence and claims that soon this technology will be an essential part of all the ordinary applications surrounding us. (More)

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Overview of ai-one technology by CEO Walt Diggelmann
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Simulation of mechanisms of coding, data processing in biological systems at the molecular level provides promising tools for next generation cognitive systems with the capability of real-time response to the environmental signals. In my research, I apply biological coding to define algorithms for solving NP hard problems. In this TED Talk I’ll present the results and provide insights and applications for molecular sensors and implications for next generation of artificial intelligence. (More)

Dr Luca Longo speaks about how artificial intelligence can transform education. (More)

EE380: Computer Systems Colloquium Seminar
Artificial Intelligence: Current and Future Paradigms and Implications
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This video guides you about the career in AI- Artificial Intelligence. Details of Colleges and Courses described here by Melsha. Machine Learning is becoming a promising career to the future. This video gives you the introduction about this field. (More)

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Jana Eggers on why AI shouldn’t be feared, and must be understood. (More)

What does AI have to do with architecture and design? Quite a lot, as it turns out. During this morning seminar at Goto 10, Dr. Molly Wright Steenson will introduce important collaborations in the history of AI and architecture and how they laid the groundwork for today's contemporary digital landscape. (More)

Lightning talk given at the AI Now 2017 Experts Workshop on the theme of Ethics & Governance. (More)

Molly Wright Steenson is a designer, writer, speaker, and professor. Her work focuses on the intersection of design, architecture and artificial intelligence. She is a professor at Carnegie Mellon’s School of Design and author of Architectural Intelligence: How Designers and Architects Created the Digital Landscape. (More) (More) (More)

This isn’t your Granddaddy’s AI! How AI is eating software and what comes next! (More)

On September 20th, 2018, one of the leading researchers and an icon for regulation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), professor Toby Walsh (UNSW Sydney), has in one-hour long public debate shared the insights on how AI has been improving our lives, and why the society needs to be economically, culturally, politically, and legally prepared for the AI of tomorrow.
The LogicLounge debate was moderated by Franz Zeller (ORF). (More)

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As technology continues to develop our society faces pressing decisions: Who needs to know what makes you, you? (More)

The mission of Skychain is to save 10 million patients from premature death due to medical errors within 10 years. (More)

What happens when our computers get smarter than we are? | Nick Bostrom
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'In the end' is a long time period; it's a very long time period. Who knows, by then? And you know, these guys who claim that we'll see the singularity by 2030... Dude, I don't believe that at all, by any means, shape or form. Will we see smart machines being able to do smarter things with data? Sure. I think there are all kinds of great opportunities there. But in terms of over the next 100 years, are machines going to be smarter than humans just because some IBM computer can beat humans at - I don't even know - Jeopardy? Nah. I don't find that that's interesting, actually. I think doing smart things with data, doing a lot of analysis and so on... But you know, these are very limited sort of things. Even if you take something that is starting to get people excited using Siri on your iPhone - it feels pretty amazing first. When I tell Siri to book a table at Harvest on Friday at noon, when I can do that, I go like "Wow, that's pretty cool." But computers outsmarting humans? No, not for a long time. (More)

3 Meaningful Minutes: Episode #1. Will Robots Ever Be As Smart As Humans? This video explores some things to consider on the subject. (More)

AI와 온라인쇼핑과 투자 (More)

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Richard Socher (PhD Stanford) talks about his work in Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Salesforce. (More)

Business people have to make many decisions. Slowly though, machine learning is getting better at making many of these decisions. Will there be a point when human decision making is not required? This is the topic I explore in this short video. (More)

Top 3 Super Cool Humanoid Robots With Artificial Intelligence From Japanese Giant Companies. (More)

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CEVA introduces a new DSP-based offering bringing deep learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to low-power embedded systems. (More)

Uber Engineering is committed to developing technologies that create seamless, impactful experiences for our customers. We are increasingly investing in Machine Learning to fulfill this vision. At Uber, our contribution to this space is Michelangelo, an internal ML-as-a-service platform that democratizes machine learning and makes scaling AI to meet the needs of the business as easy as requesting a ride. (More)