Our New Dog, AIBO: Pet Replacement Robot?!

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Sony sent us an AIBO ERS-1000 robot dog! Always wanted one as a kid & now Jon & I get some time to review it! Galaxy S10e cameras FILMED THIS! We were BLOWN AWAY by the AIBO! He is so realistic that we forgot he wasn’t real! Check him out! He develops and matures over time to become a unique dog, a product of his experiences!


Erica Griffin says:

YouTube processing has made the shadows a little darker in this video than they actually are. Sigh. Darn VP9 codec.

Leandra lobo says:


Khloe Alindogan says:

Why mom said it’s to expensive ): why so expensive why~): 0_0

Nara the night Fox says:

I wanted an AIBO PUPPY

Sylvia Paddy says:

How much is?

max and oc says:

i would love one of these im allergic to dog but i love them

JazzyHK says:

can you imagine how amazing this would be if they had a soft exterior like the new Lovot that recently came out this year.

Mauro Melo de Albuquerque says:

That Dog is Thouser.

Nick Snips says:

they better make a star wars bd1 version of this

rayshawn tate says:

Canine is a good name

Castiel Quinzel says:

Imagine if his charger broke

Luis Polanger says:

Hey I'm from France , i have neo robot and Alpha 1 pro humanoid robot

Wisky buisness Weekly says:

How much is this

Hazel Duffus says:

No wonder Gai turn good because of this dog also if your wondering what im talking about it kamen rider zero one

Gattaccia Randagia says:


Andrian Mission says:

So cute and smart robot dog.lm like it!!!

Furby Gaming 125 says:


Samuels Toy Review says:

He is so cute!!!

Yellow Ronny says:

Where do we buy one?

mostrando materiais com mari testando co mari says:

Cuty dog 😍

Furby Gaming 125 says:


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