Nvidia gtx g assist – Is it a Micro GPU ?

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Nvidia gtx g assist – Is it a Micro GPU ?

Amazing GTX G-ASSIST from nvidia for gamers …

GeForce GTX G-Assist takes advantage of cutting-edge NVIDIA artificial intelligence to bring you the next revolution in gaming.

Eliminate AFKs. Overcome the toughest boss battles. Monitor and maintain your peak gaming performance. Learn from the only gamer to play over 10,080 games. Now, you can do it all with G-Assist’s powerful GeForce-Assisted Gaming technologies.

Stay tuned for more updates …

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Placebogamer says:

Hola necesito que me ayudes, tengo un Nvidia Geforce GTX G-Assist pero no se como funciona, podrías decirme como hago para encenderlo, lo conecto por usb pero no hay ninguna aplicación, utilizo windows 10 ayúdame gracias.

Codeplayer says:

Dude, what is Nvedia?

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