NVIDIA GeForce GTX G-Assist USB Drive Unboxing

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This is the limited edition NVIDIA Gefore GTX G-Assist USB Drive, shown in NVIDIA’s 2017 April fools joke. The box is actually not the one for the 1080 giveaway winners, which open in the “long” direction, but instead is from the one you can buy. The USB is the same though. I show some USB benchmarking too.


Faysal Shahzad says:

This Is A Graphic Card????

De Daily Internet says:

Hey, Where did you find it from, Also if you are selling it, I would be intrested.

Visti Mlik says:

can i buy one for 50$ ??

Anonymous says:

It will work on intel hd laptops????

Risyad Octavianto says:

i want one.
you can tell me your ge force employe friend to my email

dany _Sof says:


Muflih Rafi Daffa Thahir says:

How did you buy this?? For how much and can you link me pls?

Firstjimmy Lasthedgecock says:

Do you play on steam

Firstjimmy Lasthedgecock says:

I won't it cos for the afk

Firstjimmy Lasthedgecock says:

Hello how do you buy this?

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