NVidia DGX-1: supercomputer that will give life to artificial intelligence.

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NVidia DGX-1: supercomputer that will give life to artificial intelligence.

In a symbolic event, Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia, has met with Elon Musk in facilities OpenAI to deliver the first supercomputer dedicated to Deep Learning to think jump-start its ambitious projects of artificial intelligence benefit of mankind. OpenAI is a non-profit institution created by Elon Musk and YCombinator Sam Altman, who along with a group of investors seeking that artificial intelligence is an extension of the desires of human beings. The attractive part of DGX-1 is not only their power, if not deep learning algorithms developed by OpenAI, so it is estimated that the value of this supercomputer could exceed 2,000 million; which will help develop tools ranging from basic tasks to advanced developments related to language learning, recognition of images and interpretations of expressions.

An interesting point regarding DGX-1 is that his first task will be to “learn to speak,” and it will “read” the more than two billion comments currently on Reddit, a task done in just a couple of months , something that other systems will take years. The aim of this is to try to understand human behavior, forms of expression and add lots of vocabulary and knowledge about issues of popular and advanced culture. With this is believed to be able to engage in conversations on the Internet or via mobile applications, where hope does not happen what the chatbot from Microsoft that within a few hours became violent and racist so it had to be removed. It is expected that during the last quarter of 2016 we start to have the first demonstrations of the capabilities of DGX-1.

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Goku KN says:

What about the coolers for cpu..? How does it work on cooling the cpu..?

Pixel VFX says:

ai my arse – this is a digital machine the same tech we have seen for last 50 years – speed and storage dont change the mechanics – D-Wave is a quantum based machine – entanglement is how human memory is achieved – this is a glorified calculator that works very fast

Devon K says:

Recommend you use Google's Wavenet next time for the narration.

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