Nick Bostrom's Superintelligence Reviewed

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We review Nick Bostrom’s Superintelligence, a book about what happens when artificial intelligence becomes smarter than humans. How dangerous is superintelligent AI, and will it arrive soon?


HyperCuriosity says:

can I consider these Spoilers…

Louis says:

Really love this channel, have you guys completely stopped?

Vaughn M. Sams says:

Just came across you guys today, great points but you guys talk really fast, please slow down…

Muhammad Mustafa Monowar says:

Good review guys! I'm halfway through the book and this was very helpful. Also, the way I see it, rather than controlling a super-intelligent AI, the best strategy for survival might be to merge with it.

Timothy Bucky says:

we can not know anything about this. this will know.

ni cos says:

Just discovered you today. You doing a great work guys ! Keep pushing guys !

Pranay Tewari says:

love this video….very soon you'll reach 100k ,keep up the good work.

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