New Google AI Can Have Real Life Conversations With Strangers

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At its 2018 I/O developer conference, Google showed off some updates coming to Google Home and Assistant. One feature — Google Duplex — can make phone calls for you and talk to the person on the other end to schedule appointments and make reservations. Google says the feature will roll out as an experiment over the coming weeks.

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Julio Pereyra says:

Siri se queda pendeja al lado de esto

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Paul Orozco says:

Wow, just wow.

Oscar Garvin says:

"Sorry, I couldn't understand that question." "Am I speaking to a robot?" "Sorry, I couldn't understand that question." "…." "Here's a list of questions you can ask me." "*click*"

Pang Yoke Peng says:

What if someone hacks it and books you an appointment to ,like, a hair salon and you get a mohawk haircut?
Pls like and reply.😃😃😃

virtual240 says:

This is how Skynet started: with people clapping out of amasement. After this, it quickly got smarter than humanity and turned on us. People on here dont know the true power of this AI. In four hrs, it not only beat the games of Go and Chess, it invented new moves that even the AI's creators didnt understand.

Matt Fima says:

sundar picha is just tool in hand of skynet
he has no conciousness, he is mindless drone, google NPC- sundar picha

primal mythic says:

audience is 3rd worlders too late to the party. it is over, civilization is done, stop embarassing yourselves. Big deal, everyone has heard robo calls for decades ,so they dont listen. Who cares.

primal mythic says:

google is AI

Kazuya Satomi says:

No, sorry but I prefer to be in control of what I do and just in general

Cheryl Adamson says:

This is the same asshole responsible for taking your privacy away they are always watching always listening

Cheryl Adamson says:

People clapping because they dont have to dial now lmao we are so lazy and dumb now because of technology none of these scientists believe in God that's no coincidence

Emmanuel Alegria says:

Good, call center jobs will dissapear

cleiton neris says:

Amazing 😃

METALMAN4Wii says:

Sheepeople, all of you riding the Google AI Train.

som manut says:

Helping people too busy to take one minute to maje a reservation. Trivial waste

Tothesavedlifeon Earthistheonlyhelltheyllevrknow says:

Google call the robot police

Ong Ba says:

A lot of phone sex workers are going to loose their job. Sad.

A human being says:

It all starts with a conversation… then they take the jobs, survey the people and run the military.

Anup Aryan says:

Can it book tatkal ticket for me😂😂🤣🤣

King Delta Productions says:

This was from May 2018- WHERE IS IT-

New Clear says:

google quantum computer at work

DigiMoney Promo says:

Google and businesses pushing consumerism

01harvey says:

Then why do I keep getting people that barely speak English in India??????????????

How I made says:

unemployment here we come!!!

Jack Random says:

Dear lord help us; they created a digital millennial. "Ummm"…

Chris E. says:

Dumb people cheering this shit and this is gonna replace millions of jobs.

dildos go uwu says:

And im here stuggling with Hello World

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