MUST SEE! D-Wave Quantum chip design HOLY TEMPLE + Aliester CROWLEY Divination Board

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Dwave Quantum Computer chipsets designed after Holy Temples for spiritual communication with other dimensions. Some models, such as the 2013 and 2015 versions exactly match Aleister Crowley’s divination board used to communicate with “the other side” SPIRIT COMMUNICATION, literally communicating with other dimensions or worlds… and the blueprint was taken from the Holy Temple and the ancient world. Sound familiar?

Anthony Patch show about UFOs, Counterfeit Temple and Geomancy:

The Kev Baker Show: The Counterfeit Temple with Anthony Patch


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The Ancieny Egyptian DJED Pillar of Osiris has the same design as the latest Quantum Computer… Just Sayin
If anyone of you should ask where the $!#@ did they get that kind of tech: They are stealing the powers of the old gods!

Rebecca Ringler says:

This is good and I became more aware of Anthony Patch because of this. Thank you.

Roma Shpak says:


Troy Adler says:

it wont work in their/devils favor. they may think theyre smart for doing this but theyre only proving that God is real and they should be afraid.

Alicia Barnett says:

When I was in college We were told it would take 20 years to go thru all the DNA to figure out how to stop cancer. With this Dwave it would take minutes. Why isn’t this thing being used for good. Answer it’s being used for evil.

B J I says:

Iv always thought from above looking down the pyramids/ Mayan temples looked very similar to a computer grid/chip

Voose Lagina says:

So they have computers that can access parallel dimensions/realities but I have to put gas in my truck?

Didi CreateRealityRealm says:

Aah very good you have seen this too! 🙏🕊 God bless you💖

THE SOUL says:

I wonder now why we have phones that are scrying mirrors even other dimensions makes alot of sense for example we can make a blue print of thr cross but strange how it only takes some heat to fuck up that dwave that thing is demonic control they want to control us this would be an eternal fail u think they would respect a bunch of gorge Soros and jhon pedostos pedohiples and Hillary Clinton idk

bridget oubre says:

I am never letdown with your videos honey girl🤗. I’m always so amazed when the kjv is translated back to Hebrew and finding out the actual meaning of the original words and how they pertain so very much to our present day lives and how society really is. It almost makes me wonder if somehow the English translation is a deliberate deception. That’d be a cool video to see. I was looking into how the 3rd eye is mentioned in genesis 3 I believe and how we aren’t to go that route and all but the literal Hebrew translation is so different from our watered down version. I’m curious to know what else has been hidden. I’m loving this rediscovery of scripture I didn’t get years ago but now is beyond relevant to my life and today’s society. Sorry this is a little off topic but I love watching older videos and especially loved the one about things we didn’t know were in the Bible it really does answer EVERYTHING ABOUT LIFE. it’s sad in a sense that I overlooked it and was unaware of it for so long. Keep up the good work ❤️ ya sis🤗🤗❤️

Alana Cartes says:

I know me pretty well. Had I been in Giordi Rose's audience – I would have been absolutely UNABLE to contain myself bcuz the moment he states: "..the same way you don't care about an ant, they don't care about you.".
SO, humans and humanity ixs it..
STILL, the man (or Android, who knows, right?), continues, "..that their priorities are NOT going to be aligned with ours!".
At this point, I would have been edited out for clearly inquiring, "you say, DON'T CARE for OUR priorities. You claim they consider us to be extremely insignificant. Sounds like an extremely sour deal for human beings and humanity. PLEASE explain, and please be quite specific, WHY we are going forward?? ISN'T that the " my main chute is garbage, CUT AWAY?? "..
COMMON SENSE is of the past I think. Me, me, me; NOW, now, now; & let's not forget a sick and depraved GREED, an empty bottomless pit that can never be filled to contentment BCUZ the GREEDY ARE the MOST miserable people..always comparing themselves to people with MORE experience, education, people who actually EARNED with hard work..always conniving, manipulating and STEALING.. I don't understand HOW people like that sleep at night..
As the veil between dimensions continues to lessen, even people who have never BEFORE SEEN a real DEMON, WILL encounter them. Lot's of heart attack and strokes.. I'm pretty positive that it's BEEN done. Its here.. I don't bet or swear anymore (I screwed up bad today with f word and I HATE that! Popped myself on mouth every time So my bottom lip numb lol), I'm just saying, we have been told and over and over yet no one listening.. I have LIVED the nightmares, from childhood and NOT even the tiniest of details changes.. I HAD no reference..and yet I KNEW it WAS REAL and my flesh was BURNED and I was.underground UNDER a table and it was UNLIKE anything I could imagine bcuz it was raining fire flaming brimstone and hail huge hail..I remember every time I would WATCH it going through my arms bcuz I'm holding onto something bracing.. No one will be safe underground.. I also received DEMONS in my room and I was forced to destroy my antique porcelain international doll collection.. My uncle was international business Director and I HAD from every country. Demons enjoyed terrorizing a little girl.. It was 1967, & no of course I did not see on tv and had never been to church. DIDN'T know what church was but I understood GOD, not of THIS world but of ALL, the most HIGH who sent HIS SON JESUS!!

michael montgomery says:

check these out for an eye opener and i do believe we need to start using their names (true names) instead of titles and demand our Ten Commandments back, brought back out from wherever They put them.

Magick 13 says:

From my limited understanding essentially they are actualizing occult/magick rituals and phenomena through scientific means.. Wow

MIKE says:

Sooo basically all computer chips are some kind of voodoo?

jtdubi3 says:


Deborah Jiggens says:

#Jesus….. people get ready, Jesus is coming soon 🎵

THE SOUL says:

Holy shit u can make chips looking like building structures

nickopeters says:

I've been saying for the last 11 years, that the Technological Singularity is / will be the Biblical Great Tribulation. Glad finally to meet somebody else who gets that, too.

C Rock says:

While everyone is distracted by life the devil is hard at work preparing his arrival

Barbara Lainhart says:

They say they will use them to access parallel universe Earths, and 'snatch' their resources! And communicate with our other selves.said they will always know where the 2 quantum computers will be in those alternates…frigging crazy.they gonna kill us all

Barry Campion says:

They have been changing films also, I've noticed many

Barry Campion says:

They have been messing with reality, check the Bible verse the lion and the lamb, altered to the wolf and the lamb, it's scary

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