Motivational Keynote Speaker Patrick Schwerdtfeger

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Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a professional keynote speaker who covers technology trends like big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain. This is a speaker demo highlight video to showcase his approach and experience in the field.

Patrick earns over 90% of his income in speaking fees. He has been a full-time professional speaker since 2007 and has spoken at hundreds of conferences and conventions around the world. His first topic was social media but he quickly expanded his focus to technology trends, of which social media was just one example. Big data soon emerged as another disruptive technology trend, and that led directly to machine learning and predictive analytics. Today, Patrick covers a wide variety of ‘exponential technologies’ at business events and corporate annual meetings.

Patrick writes his speeches with the same structure as a song, with verses, a chorus and a ‘bridge’ which is designed to challenge a conventionally held belief. In a song, this would be the guitar solo. In Patrick’s speeches, it’s a ‘surprising truth’ that encourages attendees to challenge basic assumptions and think differently about their businesses.


SCREW92 5:30 says:

I am inspired by such a great presentation, great job. I'm happy to find your great channel after clicking on this ad, I am motivated more than ever to grow my business here on YouTube. Godbless

Sam Matz says:

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Violet Frankson says:

Its all about presentation, how U market yourself$

Violet Frankson says:

good self promotion

Anastasia Lipske says:

Wow! Seriously…probably the best speaker sizzle reel I've ever seen. And as a speakers' agent I've seen a few – ha ha! Brill! Simply brill! :"-)

Domzdream says:

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Errol Brown says:

really enjoying your videos, only been subbed for >1 Month. Thanks for all the free content

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