Meet RoboSimian, NASA JPL's Ape-Like Robot! -

Meet RoboSimian, NASA JPL’s Ape-Like Robot!

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NASA JPL’s RoboSimian robot stood out at the DARPA Robotics Challenge as one of the few non-humanoid designs. The use of four versatile limbs allows it to adapt to the test scenario in ways that would be difficult for a bipedal robot. We chat with Katie Byl of the UC Santa Barbara Robotics Lab, whose team programmed RoboSimian, to learn about the advantages of a quadruped design and how RoboSimian may be utilized in complex environments like being underground or even in space!

Shot and edited by Joey Fameli

Find out more about RoboSimian here:

Find out more about the UCSB Robotics Lab here:

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Debesh Pradhan says:

New cool robot

Vlog and Thoughts New Spin says:

Oh my goodness that lady's not very good looking and the camera is at least you're not at ugly person put some makeup on

User968 says:

Nice to see women in robotics, I guess someone has to make the sandwiches.


Why does she sound like she's about to cry

Bondy says:

Looks more like a Wolf Spider than an Ape !!!

Whatyoudo says:

Let me re-name this vid….meet some people talking about JPL's robot and showing 5 seconds of the actual robot.

MB says:

"Rescuing" Awesome

Walt F. says:

I'd love to see a battlebot made like RoboSimian. Except for it's slow speed, which would have to be increased.



Moist Doritos says:

Why does that lady sound like she's constantly crying?

Smiley Guy says:

Can't get Sybian out of my mind 😑

David GL says:

Whats the software they are using at 1:43 ? it's on linux?

Bobby Broadway says:

you were kind of a dick to Zoroe FPV…

Skinny Bob says:

How many animals were killed in the making if thus video? Holy fuck!

William Griffin says:

cant help but wonder why i5 shouldn't be poss to fabricate a robot with very small parameters .. but able to enter sites of collapsed buildings and visually distinguish a living human whose limb has been trapped by a slab of concrete say, and
be able to determine how to get itself under that beam, and with the power to hydraulically lift it . while speaking remotely
to the victim to get some idea where they feel most impacted and how best to get them to the point where they have
some chance of exiting on their own energy ??

于家睿 says:

Why is it the Jet Propulsion Lab? Why not other labs, the Jet Prop? Why?

garry harrington says:

realy great work well done.but have you not seen terminator.they well kill us all

Abdega says:

It seems like they based it off of a spider monkey, and then added more spider

Inked Skin Deep says:

How long til they strap a weapon on to this abomination?

Retroman says:

Robots are stupid… Im more of a cyborg guy

UNiCoRn PeGaSuS says:

That first lil lether climbing robot was damn cute

Andrea Mitchell says:

knowing how to turn a door knob is a "really tough challenge" yet they tell us they are going to have self driving cars ,yea ok

Craig Corson says:

6:40 "…Aquasimian that's in development that would be able to work like the Deepwater Horizon"
Oh dear. Let's hope not:

Gomommago! says:

Robots for NOT killing peopleThanks for clarifying

Skull Bros says:

that robot is slower than goku when he needs to stop a bad guy. If I were in a scenario where I need to be saved I wouldn't pick this molasses machine unless it came with other z robots that held off the danger until the Goku gorilla bot arrived.

Domenico Cutrupi says:

OMG! The math and processing power to control all those joints. I think its overkill or unnecessary.

xlioilx says:

More technology stolen from black African people. White people too stupid to come up with their own technology.

MusicVideosExtreme says:

Boston dynamics did it better

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