Maxar Missions Episode 3: Machine Learning

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Before machine learning: What did we do with all that data?

Today by using satellite imagery and machine learning platforms, data is searchable and accessible. Customers are using machine learning to detect hidden populations, distribute life-saving vaccines and development resources, detect structures that aid first responders and enable autonomous vehicles and robots in space.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence help customers save time, money and lives through algorithms designed to become more accurate over time. Through Maxar’s platforms like GBDX and Tomnod, customers can design their own algorithms to create new solutions to problems they were previously unable to solve.


Chol Akuany says:

Someone once said that education is better than a sword. It was not William Wallace for sure. Who was he, then? It doesn't matter. To learn is to achieve the most valuable tool a human can have. To have knowledge is to respect others irrespective of race, religion or creed and to think outside the box when it comes to complex issues.

Jon Lipinski says:

Great showcase of Ecopia Building Footprints powered by DigitalGlobe!

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