Learning with Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) will transform the way education is offered and accessed: AI applications enable personalized education by adapting the content to optimally support the learning success of individual students. In this video, experts discuss, how will AI affect learning and teaching, what kind of data should we use in learning-related AI applications, and what societal and political decisions should be made regarding learning and AI.
The video was produced by the Finnish Ministry of Education & Culture in collaboration with Aalto University. The expert interviewees in the video are Alex Jung, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Aalto University, Teemu Roos, Leader of AI Education at Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence, and Ella Bingham, Head of Research Services at Aalto University.


Pruthvi Fernandes says:

Kim William Gordan, principal of Telementoris, talks about using Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize and redefine the entire education system. In his Engati CX interview, he adresses the fact that although human teachers are very important, AI and technology are strongly improving interactions and boosting engagement levels.
He also talks about the importance of adaptive learning. Catch his interview exclusively on Engati CX. –

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