Kevin Surace: Robotics, AI, the end of human work, and a coming Renaissance

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Kevin Surace discusses the coming of the end of human work at TEDx Orange Coast.
Taxi drivers replaced by driverless vehicles, doctors replaced by robots and computers, chefs replaced by cooking robots. Artificial Intelligence rules. That future is closer than we think. What will we do? TEDxOC talk in September 2014.


Artemii Antonienkov says:

Who here from Elements of AI cource ???

Put your like here)

Jesper Gotthelf says:

The food is ready, when you come home from…….. your work!….. Hm… Only if you are the hardworking robot….. arriving in a robot car 🤣.
And who is gonna eat the food, if the robot is not hungry..? And if the robot is not comming home…. Who is gonna sit in the car. 😮

level says:

what a joke this dick try to sell. jeff bezo the wealthiest man on earth reject paying the 500 per head tax in seattle last year and actively shopping for tax break for his 2 amazons head quarters. a liberal dick like bezo became this rich (using artificial intelligent) if he sharing his wealth with other how the hell he is this rich?

BrightSky Productions says:

Why would we get home at 6 if we don’t have jobs though?

Flying Spacerock says:

Bullshit! The Elites got a jail cell for you.

MadScientist512 says:

We are already seeing what is going to happen, if you look at the productivity/wages curve you'll see that since the '70s productivity has skyrocketed while wages have stagnated because those at the top are taking all of the increased profit of machine-enabled workers. They will be the ones who will own all of the machines, and they definitely know of and are preparing for this. They have clearly shown that the rest of humanity means nothing to them, so why would they even want them around when they're not needed anymore, and a waste of resources to them? I've been waiting for this point for two decades now as I've known even back then this was inevitable;. Back then, when people thought this was crazy-talk, I imagined a utopian star trek-style future where everyones' needs would be met and we'd be free to pursue higher goals as envisaged here, but what I've learned since then about the way the world works has obviously led me to a more negative conclusion. Politicians are still ignoring this now obvious trend in spite of all these now credible warnings, and they're trotting out the ridiculous notion of 'job-creation' as though unemployment will actually ever go down again. Traditional media ignore it also, if I was being cynical I'd almost think they're working for the same corporations who want the world to themselves. I'm sure it's fine and in spite of all the evidence to the contrary I'll believe this corporate leader who seems fine with Chinese slave-labour and knows he won't be stuck at the bottom that my Star-Trek future's just around the corner, and that those who have all of the power because they own the replicators will just choose to give up that power by giving everyone everyone said replicators. "Nothing can possiblai go wrong."

Amit C says:

Kevin, you seem to be xicted about the whole development. Very Strange.You are inspiring people to make bots.I know you have answers for that. Actually, I would like to thank you for making certain things very clear in my mind .

Daniel Ahlert says:

Robots don't buy cars youtube song

Joe York says:

"The mad race run to it's end, the golden goal. Attained and found to be a hole."

Space Warrior says:

I see supreme poverty coming soon and genocide on the horizon!

fouad elkachif says:

Good lecture, scary future for the working class.

Space Chick says:

Great talk!!

Roger Bengtsson says:

Corporations are ruching towards there own undoing, when not if, labor is replaced with ai and drones capitalism is dead and so are products and services for profit.
The implications are world shaping in every regard, it is in the end a better world but the way there will hurt. Greed and capatalism will not go away without a fight.
Production will then be by a society for the society, no more money and no more greed. You are free to do whatever you feel and try to be a better human being.

Focus Addiction says:

There is a lot of bs on this video, damn!

I am the one who flocks says:

He shouldn't be using that phone while he is driving


We don't need robots or robotics we just need humans !

Erika Vitali says:

The poors and medium class what will they do? I do not agree with your technology, it's only a waste of resources.

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