Jeopardy Watson IBM Fast Computer Artificial Intelligence Software Win Million Donation Human Ken Jennings Brad Rutter QA Question Answer English Natural Language Review Full Part 1 2 3 Day Feb 14 16 2011 TV Quiz Show Chess Blue Gene Alex Trebek

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Justin Van Curan says:

What is Leg

Mat7hew_ says:

"US Cities" " Toronto"


Isaac Adams says:

How tf can Watson run the table like that and then guess toronto for an answer in us cities

Mikey TheGameShowFan 2 says:

This is not good editing. Its bad cunts

TRUmente87 says:


Skip Long says:

Who edited this video? It makes me want to shit out of my mouth.

Drizzyr Auvryar says:

Seems super rigged.

Natalie Bailey says:

This actually was scary to me when I watched it. Robots are freaky

N. Scott says:

So did watson edit the video too?

Jfreek5050 says:


Maybe it has less to do with Watson being slower, and more to do with him cutting you guys some slack or being a fair player.

Justin Middleton says:

Wow…Whoever the person is that edited this obviously didn't know what he/she was doing. This is just a bunch of random stuff haphazardly cobbled and pasted together. Not to mention that the audio is completely out of sync with the visuals and only some parts of it are even talking about the show or the Watson computer. It's pretty easy to tell that it was made by someone who is a complete amateur.

Also, LOL at that ridiculously long title. XD

Alisson Panisson says:

The title should be: "LSD trip AI simulation"

ComicDJ HD says:

wtf is this title

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