Introduction to Power Virtual Agent

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This is an introduction to Power Virtual Agents video.
Here’s my QnA maker which I mentioned n this video

In addition, here are some other videos regarding Power Virtual Agents I recommend watching:
Other friendly videos to watch:
a. Watched the video on Engage Customers with Microsoft’s Power Virtual agents
b. 2019 Ignite video with the TruGreen demo-
c. Learn to configure a virtual agent with Power Virtual Agent in minutes, not days.


jagdish_23 says:

can use this from mac machine?

Igor Devezas says:

How you break the lines on 28:52? Many thanks, awesome video!

Madiha Salman says:

very niceeeee

Rachana yadav says:

This is amazing video , you made it look so simple and interesting. Thanks for this video and waiting for your next video on PVA 🙂

Christian Lira says:

Hi Daniel and thank you for producing this video. Much appreciated.

Cristian Sainato says:

Hello, I have problems with the login card on computers, it does not open, but on the web it does. Can you help me?

Megan Lansdell says:

This was superb!! Wondering how this does not have more views? I love how easy you made this look, thank you so much for sharing!

Abhishek Gaur says:

Excellent tutorial. Loved it. I was planning to build a Enforcement Decison Model form mobile application for my Uni project using Microsoft PowerApps but i think this MVA is far more cool and easier. And you made it so simple to understand. Kudos to you 🙂

Ignatius Cley Akabuah says:

Nice intro. loved it

IJB says:

This is a fantastic video, love it, just what i was looking for❤ !!! Working on this as a result of self quarantine

Egbert Encarguez says:

Thank you very much. This was a good introduction

Scott Cearley says:

Thank you for providing the video, a big help and this is the product I've been needing!

Aroh Shukla says:

Fantastic video. Thanks a ton for sharing! .

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