Intro to Machine Learning (ML Zero to Hero – Part 1)

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Machine Learning represents a new paradigm in programming, where instead of programming explicit rules in a language such as Java or C++, you build a system which is trained on data to infer the rules itself. But what does ML actually look like? In part one of Machine Learning Zero to Hero, AI Advocate Laurence Moroney (lmoroney@) walks through a basic Hello World example of building an ML model, introducing ideas which we’ll apply in later episodes to a more interesting problem: computer vision.

Try this code out for yourself in the Hello World of Machine Learning →

This video is also subtitled in Chinese, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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Arnau ಠ_ಠ says:

Really good explanation!

Shooting Star says:

Oh my blessed God. This explanations are superb. I digged the whole internet and YouTube up for answers about ML and couldn't find the one that could fit my needs. As I'm an absolute beginner, most of the people who get the gist about ML, cannot find the appropriate way to explain it to someone who's got no idea.Since these all-knowing people know it all, they don't know where to start explaining

krishna chauhan says:

Please make a series on audio data loading n analysis using tensorflow

Kenn Tollens says:

3:20 I didn't do anything to figure it out, I ain't got no time for all that.

Pokhraj Kumar Sah says:

Next CTO of Google

Rodri BJ says:

Thank god I discovered tensorflow libraries lol. I was trying to code an object recognition nn and this tool worked out really well for me. Great explanation video. 👍

D K says:

Amazing amazing 😍😍

Emre Can Serteli says:

I tried to feed the values for "y = x² + 5" but the algorithm failed to predict the result. I guess this setting is only good for "y = mx + n" kind of equations. I wish I'd understand the reason though.

Datascience Concepts says:

Nice explanation. I am also building a course on ML in Python (for a University) more from an implementation perspective. This surely helps!

Rehan Rajapaksha 9A says:

Sir, can you help me to build my own ML library manually using python without using any Libraries?

木村朱里 says:

this video is soo good❣️
I watched this many times to understand what ML is.
I studied Matlab at University, this video is also good for review of ML😊

Akhil MK says:

Hello, I'm starting to get familiar with this machine learning concepts,
I have a doubt, is it necessary to get familiar with some important mathematics concept in order to excel in machine learning ? Like , learn Trigonometry, Linear Algebra etc.?

Papareddy Srinivasulu reddy says:

Sir is it important to study complete process of all machine learning algorithms or it's just enough to know the application of each algorithm . please tell

thelifeisfun says:

I feel like Neo : "I know kung fu 🥋! " . That was so concise !!! Thank you very much …

Mohamed Oualla says:

Here is +1 Subscribe 😋, this look intersting and fun

Abhisek Majhi says:

Very good explanation. Easy to understand. Continue the series

Naduni Ranasinghe says:

super explanation. you are a great teacher

IStandAlone Roronoa Zoro says:

I don't really understand how did he get the common point in X and Y to be 2X – 1? For me, the common thing I saw there was the number 3.

Mizuki Hagimoto says:

I thought this is about ML, a functional programming language, but it's not 🙁

Zeed says:

Bad example,
Data should be labeled hand gestures, otherwise the computer will think a rock is a fist a paper is a palm and a scissor is two fingers

Javid Ghani cs Blog's says:

Machine learning is a Data science related are not ?
DATA Science subjects ?

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