Intelligent Woodcutter Fastest Skill You Must See – Dangerous Cuttiing Big Tree Machine

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Intelligent Woodcutter Fastest Skill You Must See – Dangerous Cuttiing Big Tree Machine
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Kaspar James says:

Sad watching that 2nd tree come down. Really old timer.

Josh Husted says:

Earth first baby! We will LOG THE OTHER LATER😙😚🤗 SORRY I hate trees. My country reeks of trees. They "make" the air we breath, God I hate trees. I realy love stumps though. Peace and love hearing big ones hit the earth!

John Kennedy says:

Such a waste to cut down a tree that big and ancient

عبد الله says:

ابطال والله .الله يهديكم.

Jason Dowd says:

I own an Echo cs590 that absolutely rips ass bone stock compared my 038 magnum ii ported, polished and tuned saw which is 12cc's bigger. Seriously…try one

Jason Dowd says:

If I didn't know any better I'd say that dude is using an Echo CS800 to demolish that tree. Frickin most underrated chainsaws in the history of chainsaws. They're badass.. try one. And that's from a Sthil Pro guy. 038 magnum II ported and polished, 044, and 056 magnum II.

Southron Jr says:

Someone need to tell those guys at 7:00 that the bottom of the bar on all modern chainsaws is 90 degrees to the upright of the handle and as such, when you are making you first bottom cut, when your done with that cut, sight down the handle and you know exactly where the trees will want to fall if all other factors are considered.

Michael Devito says:

I think that the first clip needs a DEEPER face cut, at least 90% deep –

Michael P says:

The cameraman should be shot. Made it unable to watch. Move on to another video

Darrin says:

4:20 Never seen that cut before. Audio was way off.

Hank Bridges says:

That lady shouldn't be standing there in case the tree falls on the house!!


In clip 2 it’s crazy how a small device like a wedge can make the tree go where you want

Franklin says:

i feel dizzy

Wilson Rodney says:

Damn good work just hate to see these big trees leaving us…

Michael Snell says:

Intelligent? That first one. Guy stands right there beside the stump. Had it jumped the stump or bounced, at least the medical examiner would be able to use the video

Jaco says:

6:25. No waste. Good job!

Terry Johnson says:

Dang there a shit load of stump grinding to do. Let's make a video of them grinding

johngy40 says:

there is no need to rev a chainsaw like that unless you have twitchy finger syndrome

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