Inside Google's DeepMind Project: How AI Is Learning on Its Own | Max Tegmark

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Jerry Bender says:

best players have been running it up the left side around back since the 80s

Dean S says:

Your fears are based in some obtuse control trip, switch the damn thing on and see what happens,,,you only live once.

No one says:

One thing for sure it will be better at using resources efficiently the question is how it will handle the HR department

Loki Singularity says:

People have no idea what's coming.
I have been a victim of SRA for 3 yrs this Aug. Abused with "no touch" torture and stazi type tactics.
Mkultra/monarch/cointelpro/phoenix/artichoke programs are continued with 21st century tech. Take 3 min and visit whistleblower section. The people are called targeted indvduals or targeted citizens is a better description seeing how hundreds of thousands maybe more are being tortured.
Former FBI chief ted gunderson signed a legal binding court affidavit exposing this genocide program. As well as satanist, child, sex and drug trafficking is being perpetrated by alphebet agencies. Edward Snowden has also spoke out about gangstalking.
Radio frequency and psychotronic weaponry are used in todays modern mkultra 5.0 program. V2K (voice to skull), directed energy weapons, 24/7 surveillance, artificial telepathy (see Snowdens vid describing synthetic telepathy), etc.
If that isnt enough horseshit then the perps throw in gangstalking/ organized stalking/ counterintelligence stalking. Perps following and intimidating, breaking into home, vandalising your stuff, drugging and raping you, killing you pet, spreading lies/ slander to brainwashed sheep to do felonys to you, ruin any relationships they can, and the list goes on nothing good. End game and best end for them is a TC kills themself. Perps get paid well to do this. TC get labeled "schizophrenic" or "on drugs" when they try to get help from police or healthcare providers.

Matthew LaMacchia says:

YouTube is Google's deep mind how do you think it learns….It can calculate numbers faster than us but can it actually live….Nope….Debate over mic dropped….

Jae Oppa says:

very interesting and exciting news!

Bruva Michal says:

by the words of palpatine DO IT

TooCool2Khan says:

Artificial intelligence is artificial meaning it is NOT intelligence it is something else. It is an anti-intelligence. A thing that STIFLES intelligence.

D Man says:

Look I can see you've started acting like an aspergers guy. Cause you've embraced having shit vocal skills, The truth is you have an ugly face which causes you to behave like an aspergers guy. You thought being really knowledgeable would make life better, so you started throwing your arms around when you present, acting like you are pulling from some unseen knowledge. You want to be mercurial, really your skills are limited and presentation us, well,limited, Dont say A.I. Cause its offense, The correct term us intelligence because its real, I'm so tired of artificialists.

Ant McLeod says:

This is scary ish my G.

Robert Evans says:

The missing information is that computers have no morality and don't share human values unless it is coded into them. Given complete freedom to end hunger, for example, a machine might optimize food production, distribution and utilization OR it might just reduce the number of people to a very low number or even to zero. If we don't guide computer programs to solve problems using our social needs and values, they can be a disaster. Human values are always needed and are guided by the teachings of our religious principles.

Tyler Barker says:

You jumped to machine intelligence really fast.Max Tegmark

N M says:

Is it me? Or the doctor sniffed some pure Peruvian coke? He looks a little tense.

King Vestra says:

Robots and humans would really never beat each other in my opinion. In the earlier stages as soon as robots surpass humans in intelligence Wed be smart enough to benefit from it well before they got the chance to boom in knowledge and advancement/power

Think about it.. were trying to use robots to help humans be better humans with prosthetic legs, body exosuits and even in the nano field. It's very likely humans at some point will be mostly robot or at least half…. Why would humans stay a easy to die flesh sack?

M Koivuka says:

The biggest question from this is, once people realize this is simply step 1 of maybe 15, and that in fact DeepMind(r)(tm)(c), NeuralNetworks and DeepLearning do not answer any questions or increase productivity in any meaningful sense, what's the outcome?

Olan Douglas Webb says:

I  find intelligence  very interesting  either  computer or human.  I   hope someday to understand my own intelligence.  I am self  programming  and that is  fascinating in its self.   Maybe   someday  I will  become more intelligent that my own creators.

Hunter Powers says:

Ooh look, a box!

Paulo Constantino says:

He really should stop warping his nose while speaking. And also stop those silent pauses

Canaan Long says:

Dude just described the only way to play Breakout.

Hossein Mirzaei says:

bacteria dinosaurs humans ai …
anybody get it?!

Bjørn B says:

my biggest hope, yet my greatest fear

Carl Hopkinson says:

I figured out that breakout strategy in 10 seconds.

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