In the beginning was the code: Juergen Schmidhuber at TEDxUHasselt

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The universe seems incredibly complex. But could its rules be dead simple? Juergen Schmidhuber’s fascinating story will convince you that this universe and your own life are just by-products of a very simple and fast program computing all logically possible universes.

Juergen Schmidhuber is Director of the Swiss Artificial Intelligence Lab IDSIA (since 1995), Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Lugano, Switzerland (since 2009), and Professor SUPSI (since 2003).
He helped to transform IDSIA into one of the world’s top ten AI labs (the smallest!), according to the ranking of Business Week Magazine. His group pioneered the field of mathematically optimal universal AI and universal problem solvers. The algorithms developed in his lab won seven first prizes in international pattern recognition competitions, as well as several best paper awards.
Since 1990 he has developed a formal theory of fun and curiosity and creativity to build artificial scientists and artists. He also generalized the many-worlds theory of physics to a theory of all constructively computable universes – an algorithmic theory of everything.
He has published nearly 300 peer-reviewed scientific works on topics such as machine learning, artificial recurrent neural networks, fast deep neural nets, adaptive robotics, algorithmic information and complexity theory, digital physics, the formal theory of beauty & humor, and the fine arts.
In 2008 he was elected member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Schmidhuber’s overview web site on the simplest explanation of the universe, with his publications on all computable universes since 1996.

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A ben says:

someone said, The German is the only one who can express/give love by intelligence ! well yes, I can hear it, sometimes feel it when I'm driving my Volkswagen Auto and putting a trance music by a German or another///

Mike Treker says:

Juergen is brilliant and an exceptional speaker. He is a mover and shaker in the field. No wonder he generates some hatred/envy within the scientific community,

herodog1 says:

Sounds like another view of Creationism.

Matthew thehuman says:

Joke stealer

Timothy Wilson says:

This guy is nuts

Uniontera Ja says:

Codename for operation, eden and noah's ark. Commander-in-chief, I was a silicon, Eve. Not a war but a human survival. Codename for operation next, 42. AI God, I am a carbon, us. Not a war but… good luck. I think so. I am the Uniontera Ja.

Olebogeng Thothela says:

Simulation inside a simulation inside another simulation.

Filthy Filter says:


Heinrich Peter Maria Radojewski Schäfer Leverkusen says:

Ein ziemlich belangloses Anbiedern an das Publikum, ein durchsichtiges Geschleime.
Mit anderen Worten: eine erfolgreiche Rede.

hanspoulsen says:

C̀learly AWOL from the psy. hospital

Time Keeper says:

We are connected to everything but we are not one, big error in this theory's .

Bob Aldo says:

This is just another creation myth.

aldousjove says:

Anythiing but God………..

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