Human-AI Collaboration for Decision-Making

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Currently, there is an increasing ambition in industry and research for building artificial intelligence (AI) that will support people in their everyday life and work. Decision-making is a central aspect in this ambit. AI and machine learning algorithms are being used to assist doctors, lawyers, and governments in diagnosing diseases, making judicial decisions, and defining policies. It is more important than ever that these algorithms are designed and optimized in a way that simplifies and accounts for human-AI collaboration. Addressing these challenges requires methods and techniques at the intersection of cognition, sociology, and artificial intelligence. In this breakout session, we bring together expertise from these different perspectives and enable the speakers, as well as the audience, to share emerging theoretical results, experimental findings, and applications involving human-AI decision-making.

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Doug B says:

The AI space is crowded by male Scientistts and engineers and the only person available to give this presentation was this black chick……?

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