How Will Artificial Intelligence Change Our Lives?

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Artificial Intelligence certainly has the potential to make our lives easier but what jobs will be left for us puny humans once the Robots are out performing our own abilities?

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O says:

Cybermen are coming !

Pwnsolo Timelord says:

The brain does multitask, while we do not have the ability to have conscious thoughts in that manner our brain is always multitasking. It controls the entire system that makes up your body. All of your organs and functions are being controlled by your brain all the time. I will take it a step further to say that while thinking about something else you can do mundane tasks such as doing the dishes or driving to work all the while thinking about that rude comment your boss made the other night at the dinner.

felix thecat says:

20 hours per week?? Yea sure if ur a programmer or Robot repair maybe 3D machine demonstrator at a retirement village in Baco Ratton…. But for us simple down home mite leisurely folks we will be on bended knee praying for Basic Income- U betcha

artle says:

Use this vid as your background noise.

tuhin shaikh says:

u make me feel bad say last sentence

GarlicPudding says:

How will it change our lives? It will END them. #BewareTheMachine

Forrest Patterson says:


Ajetz says:

I look at AI and computers as an "Extension" to our own brain. In a way we are just creating a robotic brain to do stuff that our organic brain doesn't have the capability to do.

Johansson Tales says:

Quoting HK-47 from KotOR in the end? 😉

menikmati1285 says:

blew my mind, good vid

Bismuth the Anarchist says:

I say get rid of work. let the machines do everything we don't want to Do. let us explore innovation creativity, crafts, hobbies, things we enjoy but frequently lack the time energy or money for.

if we don't NEED to work (defined as doing labor you don't want to do but to an overall benefit) to keep the species surviving, get rid of it. let us explore more. dump any system that requires arbitrary unnecessary work to keep surviving (like capitalism). there's no justification for robots taking our jobs to be seen as a bad thing.

Edgy Engi says:

NASA should send robots in space for exploration instead of humans.

SoJayTay says:

meatbags? xD love the futurama reference

Филип Цвејић says:

If computers become soo powerfull that they take over the world and kill all humans,what will they do?Will thay still have jobs,houses,explore,use animals for lether and wool?

mefer swift says:

Can Scientist be replaced by robot's quite entirely ?
what will robot of future thought of human scientist ? will they think scientist as father and mother?

Tobey A says:

Google & Nasa have already constructing Quantum Computer.

Joao Faria says:

+ Flintstones DISCLAIMER

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