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DIY Home Security – New Video:

In this tutorial we will learn how to talk with the Arduino Board. For this we will use the Voice Control Module. So, we can use this module to control motors, lights and robots.Also, we will use software for record our voice commands. I used the Access Port Software for send HEX commands from Windows to the USB module. MAC users can use the CoolTerm Software for the record commands.

Required Hardware:
Arduino Uno R3 —
Voice Module —
USB to TTL Module —
Servo Motor —
Jump Wires —

Software for Voice Recognition Module:
Access Port for Windows –
CoolTerm for MAC –

Download Source Code:

Background Music:
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Mert Arduino says:

DIY Home Security – New Video:

Robotics Y. D. S. says:

all over cost of appratus that you used ,
and the circuit digram …………
i used that idea in my wal.e robo model. i like it..👍👍😀😀

Hugo Silva says:

im with the same doubt in any of the videos that i found about this subject, it will recognize any voice? or just the voice that we recorded in the first place?

Ha Ko says:

Türkçe komut anlar mı?

Jared Gray says:

Music is so annoying

muhamad syafiq says:

Can the voice recognition module control the relay wirelessly using the nrf24l01 module?

c#mrmakinist says:

source kod link rip

Vikas Kumar says:

Could this be wireless. If yes then how?

Vikas Kumar says:

I was in need of this project.
Thank you so much for this.

Ante Ujcic says:

mine is just "commit suicide" then the robot will start looking for not a wall then there its a) a doorway or b) stairs

HMW Prime says:

Hi! Mert can i use Arduino mega to connect speaker ,SD Card Module and Voice Module to speak with him and he will give answer

Jomar Rodriguez says:

im not able to download source code

Abdo Casillas says:

that is great job but for me i want to connect a microphone to arduino and connect it to audio-text software for pc. when i speak in that microphone, the audio will change into text so canu help me with that

Peach Pear says:

Horrible noise/muzak!

Rohit Elamurugan says:

Can I delete the voice commands which I made ?

Spooky says:

Big question, can it be programmed with different commands not only ones stated in this video?

Nur Bahrul Ulum says:

Why the text common mode not show?

toxin liquid says:

i hope all ur music library dies xd

toxin liquid says:

what a fucking retarded music

Gill Saab says:

Can you make a talking humanoid robot head with the help of Arduino?

Robotics Guy says:

plz make the project which you said you will make in the end of this video. please

Brian Pinto says:

What changes should i make in the code as i want the led like if i glow green then i want it to turn off after 2 sec

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