How to set up Google Assistant

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Joe shows you how to set up and use Google Assistant. For more, visit

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Bedeee 101 says:

2:10 not working 🙁

Noli Bustamante says:

Thank you for tips

Syamala Reddy says:

When i am start that app it is giving you get some things to open this app

Jonni plays says:

Its not working to me anymore

Andrew Hayes says:

How do you set the assistant to always on so you can activate it without having to press home or the icon? I don't have the pixel I have a generic Android tablet

Jericho Salazar says:

I have a question did google assistant connected to ur google acct?

Surjit Shergill says:

I love the google assistant

Attila Nagy says:

you speak more than an assistant….😅

The Hi says:

Thanks for the help 👍🍕

Claudiu Ciudin says:

I can't make it call contacts ! Help !

zahraa BTS says:

Why and what the problem I don't know

zahraa BTS says:

What should I do ? My Google assistant was working and it made a shortcut on the screen after that it disappeared

Noel Power says:

Does it work offline

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