How to get empowered, not overpowered, by AI | Max Tegmark

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Many artificial intelligence researchers expect AI to outsmart humans at all tasks and jobs within decades, enabling a future where we’re restricted only by the laws of physics, not the limits of our intelligence. MIT physicist and AI researcher Max Tegmark separates the real opportunities and threats from the myths, describing the concrete steps we should take today to ensure that AI ends up being the best — rather than worst — thing to ever happen to humanity.

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Randolph Bail Bonds says:

AI would shut down all nuclear energy facilities hope we arent to late to get started

Karl Pietrzak says:

YouTube keeps us talking but doing nothing to change

Mc Gyver says:

7:21 Morgan Freeman as Scientific Advisor? Really?

project 2501 says:

Edited applause at 10:18 .. pathetic communists

Yossha Wesh says:

I looked at the thumbnail and thought it was a young Eric Bischoff.

Andrew Mulhall says:

Love the punk rock style Max

Video Watcher says:

Why do ALL TED-videos feature the same useless fake added applause in the intros?

Porschen Hund says:

There will always be some awful human beings trying to screw the rest of people. Our biggest enemy is ourselves.

pumpuppthevolume says:

1. align human goals with our goals
2. scratch all of their furniture
… 🙀 probably

DongJun Yoon says:

I had opportunity to ask him in person for about a minute. I told him that people are afraid of aliens(since the past), foreigners(since the far past), and AGI(currently) because they don’t trust themself. They always put every bad aspects of their own into ‘others’ and ask for all the responsibility of doomed world. While doing so, those people drive diesel cars, drink with plastic straw, and never donate to the Third-world. I asked him “Do you think everyone could be smart and wise(which is background of Anarchism)? And how do you live as a single person?” He replied “It’s a very profound question and hard to answer. But, um…” I hope he still thinks about it.

consciousness147 says:

"AI adopting our best values"? Isn't it more important them NOT adopting our egoistic and destructive ones?

WISDOM vs knowledge says:

What a shame, that this is the so called genius y'all looking up to. Lol

ShillBoy! 2.0

Cheese Cake says:

what has to do the title with the content??

Bitch Please says:

I'm reading his book 3.0, man this guy is a savior. Every human on the planet should get a copy and prepare mentally for what's coming next for humanity.

Mokhdum Mushrafi says:

wonderful talk. i think in the same line as you. your mention of wisdom is really remarkable. if wisdom is integrated iin the cultural values of mankind that will be, of course, a great defense of man against anything whatsoever. But, again, that is not enough. man can be misguided from within. even from witnin the individual self.that may be greed, hunger for power, jealousy, pleasure in unnecessary harassment and corruption by habit alone. so far i could tink that tis can be greatly solved if not entirely,.genetic editing in terms of CRISPER case9 method to erase out from human gene the negative dimensions of man and make him positive out and out every way. looking forward to hear from yo in future.

edi says:

If an AI would operate on my values, it would destroy mankind and not because my values are that horrible, but because they wouldn't work for the greater good of our society, just like our society screwed over millions of other species…. so, we should be damn good at defining what goals matter.
Preserving the environment for instance doesn't go well with allowing human population to grow even more…

Ford Braddley says:

You are forgetting the general greed of people.

Eric Hill says:

This was the best ted talk ever.

Dom says:

true co-existence with AI would benefit us, but yes im fine with machines taking over
humans have enslaved and killed so many of their own, and so many of other species, and are destroying the planet with fossil fuels and animal agriculture, that we deserve to get overpowered by something more intelligent than us

quAdxify says:

I'm not sure it will go that fast, there is a massive amount of hype at the moment and sure, the things we achieved are great but there are many many problems in machine learning that tend to be forgotten. I think the most important one is that deep learning (the one methodology causing most of the recent fuss) is a black box model and adversarial examples show that it can easily be tricked to predict something totally wrong with high confidence. This is a problem people are working on but it will likely stay here as long as we are using black box models and that will probably never change. So many jobs might actually still be safe for the next decade or maybe two since a human has to double check whether the machine didn't make a catastrophic error.

Jesus in Skyrim says:

Now I understand, what happened to Dwemers…

MadDoctor Whitson says:

We need AI to correct us of our mistakes that we don't want to admit. AI will take jurisdiction into it's own liberty when we fail to protect the Constitution.

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