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NEW! ALEXA integrated Smart Mirror:

In this video I go through how to build your own Smart Mirror! I go through all the steps between building the frame and assembling all the pieces and the wires.

Link to Software Setup with Pi:

Custom Calendar Setup:

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Updates Parts List:
VGA-HDMI adapter:
WiFi Adapter:
HDMI cable:
SD-Card and adapter:
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Grensom says:

NEW! ALEXA integrated Smart Mirror:

Dinai says:

Thank you sooo much

rounddancefan1 says:

How much does this cost to make this? what do i have to order ?

Eduardo Artica says:

Great video

TD Playz says:

To be honest, this is one of the simplest tutorials I’ve seen 😀

Johnny Phan says:

Do you have AI mirror?

Nick Z says:

Cant you just make it to where its constantly portraying an image like a normal mirror but without all that unnecessary time and temperature. Just have a smart mirror constantly turned on that only reflects the image but as it's TRUE image and not flipped like a traditional mirror would. No need for the time and temperature just have a smart mirror but have it always displaying the world as you actually see it

Ultimate Tech Hub says:

I would have done a little thinner frame to make it look less bulky. And for me I would have put the monitor at the bottom right or bottom left but that's just a personal preference. Good job!

Bobby Bologna says:

jeez who sprays a rattlecan like that? lol how to waste paint 101

Cade Moreno says:

Song Name: Vanilla by MELURAN

Tobbsken says:

Why are you not showing how to install the smart mirror if this is a "how to" video! Disliked

Leh Ginger says:

What the hell monitor did you use?

varun saxena says:

Brother this is a wonderful project. I am planning to make one. Can you help me with the programming stuff on raspberry PI?


Ctrl shift – do not worked for me help me pleas

Will Turner says:

How did you get MagicMirror software to boot so fast? Mine takes about 2 minutes to fully start up

Vel says:

Why do people think, you wanna see building a mirrorframe instead of naming all the hardware that is really needed…….

lala yup says:

This is so cool!!

Enrique Fausto says:

Cool project, it sure has a lot lf space for more features


without cpu is start

Solve Everything says:

perhaps you should start selling them

Gaurav Tak says:

Bro… I have a one quequestion you use lcd on tha small part of mirror how can….Display show hall of mirror….

S Drano says:

You are awesome!

Tony C says:

Thanks for this video! Quick question, in the Alexa Smart mirror build, I see you used a more expensive mirror/glass for $150. Can we use the cheaper Acrylic glass from this build for the Alexa smart mirror? What is the difference exactly? How come you went with the more expensive glass for the Alexa build? Also, do I have to purchase the same exact monitor you used or can I use one (HDMI) monitor I have laying around? Thank you again!

mighty17 god18 says:

Can you play YouTube

Darian Duran says:

Looks amazing, would this work with a cracked and screen burn in monitor? (Cracks are very minor along the edges)

android user says:

thats awesome nice job

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