How the future of work is not “Jobs” | Rudy Karsan | TEDxCalgary

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What do you get when you ask the founder of one of the world's most significant HR Firms about the future of work? A completely unintuitive answer that speaks to the revolution in the world of work and a passionate case for an idea whose time has come.

Rudy is passionate about creating jobs that matter. He revolutionized the global human resource space over 25 years through the KENEXA organization. He grew it to become one of the world’s most significant HR firms valued at over a billion dollars, and IBM recently acquired KENEXA in a record deal. He has gone on to found Karlani Capital, an operating fund that aims to “enable the growth and success of ideas that are original, interesting and potentially useful to people.” Actuary, NYTimes bestselling author, family man, uber entrepreneur. Follow him on Twitter @RudyKarsan

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


Nobody says:

This guy's freaking annoying

Carl E Lee Djoy says:

This is so not the solution

Nahalo Minier says:

If our United States government can pay/go in to debt with trillions of dollars they can funnel that into a UBI or resource based economy money doesn’t exist and never will we are born into this world without it we leave without it that simple if we get EMP’ed money will be useless if there is an apocalypse guess what USELESS we need to focus on doing a better job to grow and ascend as a species not for a check most of the people that go against this swear they are god fearing hard working people well guess what your god doesn’t value money your god values what you have in your heart not what’s in your pocket be of service to others is the only way we can get out of the shackles the ELITES have placed on us it’s proven the dollar has no value what so ever these people print money out of thin air for God’s sake working towards a better future for our kids working towards a future where people don’t starve where people aren’t homeless where people don’t die of diseases because they cant afford there medication is a good job not bragging about a useless check or how big your house it….. wake up people don’t be so stuck in your ways 50 years ago people swore computers wouldn’t be at the rate they are now but look how times have changed

עמנואל עוזר says:

How do we gonna live one day in the future when all the problems will solve and everything that could invent will be invented

F. Heller says:

This talk is one of the best things I've heard in a long time. I will re-watch it and listen even more closely to this man's words, and I suspect that it will bring me new things. I suggest we all seriously think about this, deeply, since it contains many layers. Thanks for sharing this!!!

Chris Roberts says:

Rudy, I do hope you find (or have found) meaning in your life expanding this idea and spearheading its evolution. namaste

Neil Bohrs says:

It used to be that work was necessary for survival. In this situation, capable people who don’t work can truly be called parasites. In a society where jobs are dwindling, calling people who don’t work “parasites” is victim blaming.

Once the fear of survival is eliminated, many can focus on their true calling and therefore will perform better at whatever they choose to pursue.

Once money is no longer a factor in life, greed will diminish, planned obsolescence will no longer be a business model, products will be designed to last longer, pollution will naturally decrease.

Summer Snow says:

Okay… let’s do some math. Let’s say we give a UBI of $2K to every soul in the US per month. That’s $24K per year. There are 325 million people in US. That works out to be $7.8 trillion, yes trillion with a T. Currently federal income tax revenue is slightly above $2T per year. Anyone believes US gov’t will be able to triple their tax revenue to fund UBI?

Red Man says:

Machines will take over every single thing, making it as efficient as they can make it. If the first generation cannot make it more than efficient, they will create a new generation of AI, and that AI will create a new one, evolving at a fast pace, excactly how machine learning does, it creates a bot, if it fails at something a new version of it is created, over and over and over and over again, just like what youtube does.

What makes you all think that humans wouldn't be a stone on the way of making systems more and more efficient? What needs to be thought of is: How will WE control this, because from every perspective I can think of, they WILL control US.

Government? What do you need a human government for if everything is efficient and ran by unviased AI.

The only thing I can think humans will be able to do is their hobbies, art will most likely never go away but it will certainly change from now on. But even science related current jobs will be taken from us. Food will not be a problem in the long run, it will not be the way we know it now, but for sure it will be solved. Crime will always be a thing sadly, it's in the human nature.

Space? They will take over that, technology breakthroughs? they will take over that too, and at a faster pace.

It's exciting, but I don't think the main topic we should be concerned about is jobs and economics. Economy is just something we as humans invented, jobs were invented too. And this will. in the long run get rid of those. I can already see them building space ships and controling the birthrate of the organic beings.

MasterFeiFongWong says:

We shouldn't be fighting for more jobs 😀 We should be fighting for freedom from jobs. We should utilize technologies to automate all the necessities of life 😀 Automated farms and automated house building capabilities, automated mining to get all the necessary elements we need to build what we need and want to build. Advanced 3D Printers capable of building everything we want and need. We should be living in abundance free from 9-5 illogical mind numbing routines that a computer can do. This world needs to change we need to change and in doing so make ourselves more free and better because of it. 😀

jack Wittenbrink says:

Aaaaand, not a single solitary mention of human overpopulation and mass extinction. The man is lost in postulate and theory.
Human civilization is not a computer model.

הוنᄀバコᄂᄃɸฅจـهـ母表จาøนحöܠʢܢחق한국어י says:

The future of work is sloth.

Blair Morpeth says:

I just want pure leisure

Blair Morpeth says:

"golden age" what a clown

Phil Ad says:

Hey everyone, Rudy is on TEDx. Let the medal fall from the sky!

geoffas says:

Golden ages have always been followed by dark ages. I see no reason for this one to be any different.

Crypto Maniacz says:

I'm not too sure. Some communities living in poverty have like 15 children each family so why do we have to pay them all of them their income without them working?

Symlex0100 1 says:

The elite don't want us any better coz they will loose total control

maccichy says:

Commies wet dreams. I belive it is going to deliver huge amount of depression apathy. Hardships are inevitable. Who doesnt work at all should not eat at all. I know ppl are lazy – i am too – so what will prevent me from being useless when i get the money to live outta nothing? Tell me, mister.

Zombie Rhythm says:

…and in the process, we will stop manufacturing millions of products with an imposed Date of Expiry. We are maintaining jobs artificially now. If we can manufacture bulbs, batteries, etc that last for generations why don't do it.
Stop selling things. Rent it. Fabricate a light bulb that lasts for generations and rent it so the person who manufactured it can have a sustainable income all his life and dedicate themselves to do the things they are passionate about instead of manufacturing a bad bulb again and again… Is crazy!

B C says:

you are beautiful 🙂

Medic Engineer says:

Folks, Thomas Paine, one of the fathers of libertarian thought, which is the basis of true Republican Conservatism, argued for UBI. UBI will not enslave us, it will free us. If you are conservative with a modicum of common sense (pun intended), you have to see the folly of this Ayn Rand idea that has seeped into our ranks via the Koch Brothers and people like them.
It's poison.
In fact, we Republicans should embrace the ideas so we can help guide liberals away from the ideas of a welfare state into something that resembles the Earth of Star Trek. True Adam Smith capitalism brought to life by providing a fundamental building block to keep us all going in positive directions.
If you are liberal and think you must eliminate us, you're wrong. We have a common ground, it's called the betterment of the species. And that won't come from Marx or Ayn Rand. It will come from us, finding new paths and destroying the old models.
I am voting Zephram Cochran/Tony Stark 2020!

Diana Armstrong says:

Socialism doesn’t work.

Arunava chakraborty says:

Actually now robot can do our work. Just because our moral we can't do job…job is slavery…robot will make us free from it..let's no more slavery for we can have someone (robots)to work for us… let's start the life free from slavery..and those who do crime let make laws for them…and dedication always there. . someone will always dedicate or creativite something money never let u to do that… remember that thing..their always humanity…but main it's artificial intelligence age …if we guy still slavery for money…then we are not human….we can call ourselves idiots👌💐

David Lee says:

Yes! Universal basic income to meet basic needs for food, shelter, and healthcare.

Camele Sinclair says:

Almighty God Jesus Christ Almighty God has all power in Heaven and Earth. Almighty God sit on HIS THRONE IN HEAVEN with JESUS CHRIST sitting on the right side of GOD ON HIS THRONE. Read ro

Camele Sinclair says:

Almighty God Jesus Christ love you. Read 1 John 4:19. We love HIM because we first love him.

Bill Farrell says:

Just come out and say it openly: Universal Income. Nothing we haven't heard before.

Yunfei Chen says:

Find meaning in the universe itself! Isn't that what physicists have been trying to do for thousands of years…. ?

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