How Machine Learning is Impacting Oil and Gas (Cloud Next '18)

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New advances in machine learning are helping organizations optimize operations, maximize output, and automate manual processes. However, the scalability of such solutions across hundreds or thousands of unique assets is extremely difficult and requires teams of data scientists and technicians to constantly build, test, and deploy machine learning models.
What if you could automatically create customized machine learning models? In this session, we will discuss how Darwin™, SparkCognition’s automated model building platform, solves these problems for Apergy by automating machine learning model development. We will also offer a window into how Darwin™ empowers upstream oil and gas, as well as other industries, to improve business operations with the assistance of Google’s powerful Cloud Platform.


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Blake Zimmerman Houston says:

Interesting video! Thanks for posting!

Aditya Mahajan says:

How can we have access to this case study using Darwin demo

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